Aquamaris for allergies

akvamaris - 3AQUA MARIS is among the medications utilized for the treatment and avoidance of allergies.

At the root of this aerosol lies using just 100% natural active ingredients, for that reason, the usage cannot trigger negative effects, that makes it possible to utilize it in the treatment and avoidance of allergies, consisting of in kids from an early age.

Basic indicators

  • Allergic rhinitis. At the start of the symptom of this illness, it is possible to utilize the drug to entirely avoid the emerging signs, such as nasal blockage, burning experience, numerous secretions from the nasal passage.
  • Formation of an extra protective barrier on the nasal mucosa from the impacts of surrounding things and plants, such as: pollen of blooming plants, all kinds of dust discovered on the street and in your home, fungi and more. Raising the function of defense, and avoidance of the possible incident of hay fever.
  • To offer a consistent sensation of hydration in the nasal passages, to eliminate dryness, burning and pain. The drug is suggested for usage in closed spaces with low humidity, running environment control systems, dry seasons, dirty spaces or things and in contact with numerous chemical substances.

Description of the preparation

Aerosol for nasal watering AQUA MARIS is the latest preparation consisting of natural active ingredients. The aerosol does not include third-party compounds, which increases the high quality in the treatment and avoidance of thought allergies.


Ectoin, it is likewise an active compound or biological compound, which Swedish experts were fortunate to recognize in a prompt way from extremophiles, whose habitation takes place in an unfavorable environment for most bacteria.

It is he who carries out the function of defense, due to which the result on all halophilic bacteria takes place. Throughout the nasal mucosa, strong substances are formed with water particles, consequently forming a particular hydrocomplex that safeguards the within the nose and avoids direct exposure to allergic compounds.

Ectoin, consisted of in the list of aerosol structure, has the following residential or commercial properties:

  • The development of a barrier water movie in the inner part of the nose,
  • Prevents irritants from sticking around in the nasal passages,
  • Effective anti-inflammatory, has the residential or commercial property of a quickly recovery and moisturizing result on the nasal mucosa. At the time of a worsening, when utilizing a nasal aerosol in a structure with ectoine, it avoids the subsequent start and advancement of the illness and assists to minimize the signs that have actually currently appeared.

The 2nd active component is sea salt. This active ingredient avoids the development of disease-causing compounds on the within the nose, the build-up of dust and mucous particles in the nasal passages.

The structure of sea salt consists of micronutrient that increase the effectiveness of the ciliated epithelium, which, under their impact, causes a decrease in the inflammatory procedure and consequently causes an instantaneous repair of the whole mucosa.

Forms of release

It is produced in the type of an aerosol with a dispenser, utilized by watering, at the same time in both nasal passages.

Volume content 20 ml, managing with a pipette.

Main active components

AQUA MARIS SENS NASAL SPRAY, upon contact with the nasal mucosa, starts to engage with water, consequently this substance forms a protective movie.

Hydrofilm after development does not trigger any pain, however at the very same time it is rather thick, which suggests that when it gets on, irritants do not have the chance to enter and begin calling the cells of the body.

For the start of the advancement of hay fever, a counter immune action to the elements of organisms that are not part of the system is needed. This indicates that foreign compounds cannot permeate even more, so the body does not respond as an irritant.

Those particles that have actually picked the hydrofilm will be gotten rid of in a prompt way, this auxiliary procedure takes place through the action of the ciliated epithelium. To accelerate their elimination from the nasal passages, the sinuses are cleaned up and cleaned in parallel.

Such treatments, for individuals vulnerable to allergies, must be duplicated a number of times after cleaning up the properties, upon returning from a walk down the street.

Use of the drug for grownups and kids

It is suggested to begin application at the age of 10 years and grownups, spray approximately 4 times a day, in each nasal passage.

The dosage per dosage depends on 2 sprays.

Children from 2 years of age and older are injected at one suggested dosage, in the existence of their moms and dads.

First, the aerosol should be prepared.

For the very first usage, you require to get rid of the cap from the bottle, then make a number of sprays, respectively, the excess air will be removed.

After long-lasting storage, the aerosol ought to likewise be inspected, sprayed and made certain that the drug is equally launched from the dispenser. Prepare the nasal passages for watering, respectively, clear them of mucous.

The usage of an aerosol itself indicates basic actions:

  • The protective cover is gotten rid of,
  • The aerosol ought to be put in the hand in the list below method: the middle and forefinger must be on the top of the can, the pointer of the dispenser will be put in between the fingers. Place your thumb beneath, consequently holding the aerosol,
  • The head ought to be slanted somewhat forward, holding the nostril at the same time with a finger,
  • Free nasal passage, breathe in thoroughly,
  • Make a sharp press on the aerosol.

If whatever is done according to the suggestions showed above, the drug will permeate into the cavity of the nasal sinuses. You do not require to hold your breath at this minute. Repeat with the 2nd nostril. Upon conclusion of the needed treatments, the pointer of the nebulizer of the drug need to be cleaned dry, placed on the cap up until the next usage.

The drug is planned strictly for private usage – according to sanitary guidelines, it cannot be moved to outsiders for usage.


You must avoid utilizing with high level of sensitivity to the representative or its private elements.

Forbidden for usage by kids under 2 years of ages. There are likewise short-lived contraindications such as: nosebleeds, nose injury, other kinds of surgical intervention.

unique directions

This drug has actually not been evaluated on pregnant ladies and ladies who are breastfeeding, for that reason, it is needed to speak with an expert prior to utilizing it for these classifications of individuals.

Studies have actually revealed that there is no dependency to the aerosol, it can be utilized for a very long time, with a frequency, as needed by the suggestion of an expert. When utilized for prophylactic functions, it is needed to process the mucous membranes of the nose well in advance of the scheduled contact with the allergenic compound.

The suggestion is to utilize an aerosol with every prepared contact, which might be extremely allergenic to human beings.

After cleaning the nasal passages, duplicated nebulization of the drug is needed.

Storage conditions and life span

Store AQUA MARIS SENS NASAL SPRAY in a dry location at space temperature level not going beyond the standard.

Compliance with the storage guidelines increases the life span of a minimum of 3 years.

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