Akriderm instructions for use

1455969434 akriderm - 29When purchasing Akriderm, the instructions for use need a total reading of crucial information and helpful details.

Before taking the drug, you ought to thoroughly check out contraindications, does, techniques of administration and adverse effects.

Description of the medical item

According to the instructions, the drug ought to be utilized just for external use. Any drug of the Akriderm group includes the primary active component betamethasone.

This compound is a glucocorticosteroid hormonal agent and has lots of advantageous impacts. The drug has antiallergic impact.

He has the ability to stop any sort of discomfort. The medication quickly eliminates swelling of numerous origins. Slows down the advancement of illness impacting the human skin.

The medication is utilized to remove skin illness that have a severe, subacute or persistent phase, accompanied by strong inflammatory responses.

This drug has antipruritic, anti-edematous and anti-exudative impacts. Therefore, it quickly gets rid of any signs of the preliminary or innovative phase of the illness.

akriderm gk maz - 31Ointment akriderm GK

Manufacturer and type of release

The medical item is produced by the Russian chemical and pharmaceutical plant under the name “AKRIKHIN AO”. The business is over 80 years of ages.

It produces high quality and reliable medications. Uses the most recent innovation, accomplishing just the greatest outcomes. The annotation and examines about the maker are just favorable.

The plant produces 4 various ranges of Akriderm cream and lotion. All items consist of the very same active compound.

But the distinction in between these funds depends on the existence of other auxiliary parts. According to the instructions, all funds are recommended depending upon the development of private illness.

  • Akriderm – produced in the type of a cream and lotion,
  • Akrierm Genta – produced in the type of cream and lotion,
  • Akriderm GK – produced in the type of cream and lotion,
  • Akriderm SK – produced just as a lotion.

The business does not produce gel, spray, and tablets. According to the instructions for use, all preparations are offered in aluminum tubes of 15 or 30 grams. Tubes are crammed in cardboard boxes.

akriderm sk - 33Ointment akriderm SK

Saturation and structure

According to the instructions, the primary part is betamethasone. As Wikipedia explains, the compound is an artificial glucocorticoid.

When it goes into the vessels, it triggers a vasoconstrictor impact.

Able to have a catabolic impact, getting rid of discomfort in bone, adipose, lymphoid, connective tissue, along with in muscles and skin.

  • The lotion of a common medication is produced with a saturation of 0,05%, cream – in 0,05% and 0,064%. The medication includes just C22H29FO5. According to the instructions for use, saturation is identified by the variety of C22H29FO5 and is 0,064%.
  • Ointment and cream Gentham are offered with the very same saturation. In their structure, they currently consist of 2 primary compounds – C22H29FO5 and gentamicin, which is a strong antibiotic.
  • C22H29FO5 – 0,64 milligrams per gram,
  • Antibiotic gentamicin – 1 milligram per gram.

According to the instructions for use, saturation is identified by the variety of C22H29FO5 and is the standard 0,064%.

  • HA lotion and cream have similar saturation and structure. They have 3 primary compounds in their structure:
  • C22H29FO5 – 0,64 milligrams per gram,
  • Antibiotic gentamicin – 1 milligram per gram,
  • Clotrimazole, which is an antifungal representative – 10 milligrams per gram.

According to the instructions for use, saturation is identified by the variety of C22H29FO5 and is the standard 0,064%.

  • CK lotion includes 2 active components:
  • C22H29FO5 – 0,64 milligrams per gram,
  • Keratolytic aspirin – 30 milligrams per gram.

According to the instructions for use, saturation is identified by the variety of C22H29FO5 and is the standard 0,064%.

jetapy razvitija dermatita - 35

What is the distinction and what is the distinction in between drugs

It is thought that the structure of Akriderm consists of Betamethasone dipropionate plus + Clotrimazole + Gentamycin sulfate + any auxiliary parts.

The drug store will constantly inform you which Akriderm to select. The kind of drug is picked depending upon the progressive illness. For swellings and sprains, the normal Akriderm is picked.

If swelling exists, Akriderm Ghent is suggested. If there are fungal illness, then Akriderm GK ought to be purchased. In specifically serious and innovative cases, it is suggested to buy Akriderm SK.

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As suggested in the instructions – as auxiliary parts, Akriderm consists of:

NipaginEthyl ether Methylparaben.
PetrolatumOily liquid without much smell.
ParaffinA waxy mix of hydrocarbons.
Propylene glycolColorless thick liquid.
Vaseline oilA mix of hydrocarbons cleansed from the oil portion.
AlcoholViscous natural substance.
Emulsifying waxAn emulsifier made from alcohols.
Disodium saltOrganic substance.
Sodium sulfateCrystallized sulfuric acid salt.
Purified waterDoes not consist of pollutants and foreign additions.

Pharmacological impact

According to the instructions, the medication has the list below impacts:

  • Easily eliminates any inflammatory responses,
  • Helps ease allergic reaction signs,
  • Has antipruritic action,
  • Vasoconstrictor impact,
  • It is utilized as an anti-bacterial medication.

The representative quickly decreases the development of inflammatory conciliators, hinders the performance of the breakdown of acidic mucopolysaccharides, and minimizes the permeability of the vascular walls.

Akriderm parts actively connect with receptors that remain in the natural mass of the cell. The medication damages the working capability of a group of extremely active lipid compounds that trigger the development of inflammatory responses, allergic reactions and other unfavorable pathological procedures.

According to the instructions for use, the medication can having a bactericidal impact. It deals with infections triggered by great deals of germs with ease. Prevents the development of inflammatory edema.

akriderm5 - 37Ointment akriderm picture


The drug with betamethasone and gentamicin is typically utilized just for external use. It is utilized in healing dosages.

It has a transdermal absorption of the primary active components. They are quickly taken in into the capillary, getting in the blood stream.

But the absorption of the parts is irrelevant. Therefore, 90% of cases with skin illness are favorable instead of unfavorable.

Occlusive dressings are not suggested by specialists. Because of them, there is a boost in the absorption of the primary compounds gentamicin and betamethasone in specifically sharp increased percentages.

The direction cautions that such use can result in a boost in the possibility of the danger of the development of systemic unfavorable actions and adverse effects.

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akriderm maz i krem ​​- 39Akriderm lotion and cream types

Hormonal drug

Many clients are stressed over whether this lotion is hormone or not. The reality is that the primary part of the drug is betamethasone.

It is typically described as the primary corticosteroid. Therefore, Akriderm is thought about to be hormone. According to the instructions, it has a reliable impact on any typical skin illness.

It quickly eliminates the reason for inflammation and the development of disorders. Acts particularly on the inflammatory action itself. Therefore, this medication is utilized for cutaneous allergic reactions, itching and swelling.

Recommendations for use

According to the instructions, Akriderm assists with the following disorders:

  • Dermatitis of numerous origins. The tool is specifically reliable in assisting secondarily contaminated clients:
  • The drug can likewise aid with atopic dermatitis, which becomes scattered neurodermatitis,
  • It deals with allergic dermatitis, which triggers serious pain in clients,
  • The treatment works for sun allergic reactions – sun dermatitis,
  • Akriderm is recommended for Ritter’s dermatitis exfoliative dermatitis,
  • It is likewise utilized for seborrheic dermatitis,
  • Akriderm works for particular skin sores of X-ray or radiation dermatitis,
  • Also Akriderm works for medication, dyshidrotic, hazardous, intertriginous dermatitis,
  • The medication is utilized for intertrigo, neurodermatitis and photodermatitis,
  • The medication is utilized for eczema of numerous etiologies, consisting of kids’s, coin-shaped and atopic,
  • Specialists recommend Akriderm to remove any diaper rash,
  • The drug works for non-infectious persistent illness of flaky lichen,
  • The medication quickly eliminates any kinds of itching:
  • According to the instructions for use, the drug works for itching in the “bikini zone”
  • It is utilized for senile itching of the skin in individuals over 65,
  • Akriderm works for nest loss of hair,
  • It is recommended for clients struggling with the repercussions of serious swelling after stings of wasps, bees, horseflies, mosquitoes and mosquitoes,
  • Experts recommend Akriderm for non-allergic dermatitis:
  • The treatment works for minimal neurodermatitis,
  • Particularly unsafe illness consist of diaper and exfoliative dermatitis,
  • Akriderm assists with dermatosis – Hyde’s Scabies,
  • The treatment works for all kinds of prurigo,
  • Akriderm is recommended for gluteal dermatitis.

Before taking the medication, you require to make certain for what illness it is permitted to use Akriderm. It is needed to thoroughly study the instructions for use or seek advice from an expert expert.

Otherwise, self-medication can damage health and get worse the client’s condition.

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rasprostranenie nejrodermita kozhe - 41Places of application of acriderm lotion

Method of application and period of treatment

The medication ought to be utilized according to the instructions. It is needed to be careful of getting thick liquid into the eyes, along with the periocular area.

Avoid using a thick liquid to impacted bleeding locations of the skin. Application to the mouth location, ears is not suggested. According to the instructions for use, do not smear too capacious parts of the skin.

The period of the healing course ought to be recommended by an expert doctor. The typical period of the course can last from 15 to 30 days. When using the medication to the facial location, the period of the course ought to not be more than 5 days.

Positive characteristics ought to be observed after the 2nd or 3rd contact with the skin. In its lack, the use of Akriderm is canceled.

In this case, it is needed to perform a total medical diagnosis of the organism. After a long course of treatment lasting a minimum of 2 weeks, Akriderm is canceled slowly.

According to the instructions, the use of the drug is canceled if adverse effects or an overdose have actually been recognized. Also, cancellation is made if the client has a boost or reduce in level of sensitivity, indications of allergic reaction.

809521-43Applying akriderm lotion to the face

Dosing program for grownups

Adult clients who have actually reached the age of eighteen are recommended Akriderm two times a day – in the early morning and at night. The representative is used in a little layer to the afflicted parts, along with to the surrounding tissue for 2-3 centimeters.

Lightly rubbing in circular movements. On those locations of the skin in which the layer of the skin is denser, for example, the palms of the hands or feet, the drug is used two times as frequently – 4 times a day.

The period of the course of treatment is identified by a professional. The period of the course with Akriderm depends upon the development of the illness.

psoriasis gormoni akriderm recall 1 - 45Reviews of cream acriderm

Dosing program for kids

Babies and young children under the age of 2 are strictly forbidden from utilizing Akriderm according to the instructions!

Small kids who have actually reached the age of 2 are permitted to use the item just under the rigorous guidance of a professional.

In kids, the skin location in relation to weight goes beyond by numerous percent. Also, their skin has actually not yet established. Therefore, when utilizing Akriderm, even strictly according to the instructions, there is a danger of intake of an extreme variety of active components.

There is a danger of unfavorable responses and overdose. Therefore, according to the instructions for use, the course of treatment ought to be as brief as possible. All security preventative measures ought to be taken by the kid and grownups enjoying the treatment procedure.

ispolzovanie 2 - 47Treatment of urticaria with acriderm lotion

Pregnancy and lactemia

The consultation of Akriderm to pregnant ladies is strictly forbidden. During pregnancy, the use of the drug can result in internal bleeding, miscarriage or early birth. The parts that comprise Akriderm can adversely impact the advancement of the fetus.

There is a danger of the development of such unsafe illness in the fetus as cardiovascular disease, breathing issues, irregular advancement of the shape of the limbs.

During lactation, it is strictly forbidden to use Akriderm. According to the instructions, the parts that comprise the medication can enter breast milk.

The infant can establish illness that not just intensify his health, however likewise result in death. Therefore, according to the instructions for use, prior to utilizing Akriderm, the infant ought to be moved to synthetic nutrition.

5 2 - 49Acriderm drug

Side impacts

As the instructions for use suggest, in 90% of cases, regional responses establish:

  • Burning experience in the location of ​​the used cream,
  • Feeling dry skin
  • Irritation,
  • Hypertrichosis in the type of excess hair development,
  • Folliculitis in the type of swelling accompanied by pus,
  • Stretch marks, in the type of stretch marks and skin atrophy,
  • Itching of the skin
  • Hypopigmentation in the type of a pathological modification in the shade of the skin,
  • Recurrent perioral dermatitis,
  • Acne-like rashes in the type of sores of the dermis,
  • The development of irritable heat.
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As shown by the instructions for use, in 10% of cases, clients use occlusive dressings, from which they establish the following signs:

  • Maceration in the type of separation of cells in tissues,
  • Atrophy of the skin, in which level of sensitivity vanishes,
  • The start of irritable heat
  • The development of purpura in the type of spotty capillary hemorrhages in the skin,
  • Re-infection
  • The event of telangiectasias in the type of vasodilation of the skin,
  • Development of hirsutism.

According to the instructions for use, in specifically serious cases with extended use or when using the drug in extreme amounts, the following signs and illness might establish:

  • Gastritis,
  • Hyperglycemia,
  • Irritation of the mucous membrane
  • Suppression of the performance of the adrenal cortex,
  • The start of glucosuria,
  • Development of Cushing’s syndrome
  • Suppression of the adrenal system,
  • Increased intracranial pressure
  • Decreased development hormonal agent operating.

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gerpes - 51Akriderm in the treatment of lichen


According to the instructions for use, Akriderm is contraindicated to use:

  • With intolerance to the parts of the medication.
  • For illness of viral, bacterial or fungal etiology. Such disorders consist of tuberculosis of the skin, herpes, chicken pox, syphilis.
  • It is not permitted to use Akriderm to clients who reveal indications of skin cancer, hemangioma, cancer malignancy, trophic ulcer, xanthoma, atheroma and acne vulgaris.
  • It is prohibited to use Akriderm in case of post-vaccination cutaneous responses, open bleeding injuries, rosacea and mole.
  • According to the instructions for use, the medication is not suggested for use in clients struggling with glaucoma, cataracts, tuberculosis and diabetes mellitus.


If the instructions for use are followed, the advancement of an overdose is not likely. In most cases, it takes place when unique instructions and instructions for use are overlooked, does are expensive or an extremely long course of treatment. With extended use of overdosages of Akriderm, the following disorders might establish:

  • The development of Itsenko-Cushing’s illness in the type of hypercortisolism,
  • Increased serum glucose in the type of hyperglycemia,
  • Deterioration of the efficiency of the adrenal cortex,
  • The existence of glucose in the urine in the type of glucosuria,
  • Formation of Cushing’s syndrome, in which there is a result of an extreme quantity of adrenal cortex hormonal agents in the blood.


unique instructions

  • According to the instructions for use, Akriderm is not suggested for use on the scalp covered with hair.
  • With long-lasting use of Acri Derma, there is a prospective danger of absorption of big quantities of gentamicin into the blood stream of the body. This can result in toxicity signs.
  • For illness of fungal superinfection, experienced professionals suggest utilizing an extra antifungal medication.
  • After utilizing the medication, it is permitted to drive lorries and systems. In this case, no unfavorable impact on the body was tape-recorded.
  • Alcohol and Akriderm are incompatible. Any alcohols adversely impact the client’s health. As shown by the instructions for use, taking alcohol prior to or after utilizing the medication can result in signs of intoxication.

Storage conditions

According to the instructions, Akriderm can be acquired without offering a main medical prescription. It is permitted to save the medication at t, not greater than 15-25 ° C. The expiration date of the medication is shown on the cardboard box.

It is permitted to save the drug for no greater than 2 years from the date of manufacture.

The cost of the lotion is 80-100 rubles. The expense of the cream, depending upon its structure, is 100-300 rubles.

vidy preparata akriderm - 55Akriderm for psoriasis


Most of the analogues are offered in the type of creams, gels and lotions. According to the instructions for use, drugs produced in tablets, pills and suspensions are not analogues of Akriderm most of the times.

NameDescriptionContraindicationsTotal cost,
DentaEasily eliminates any sort of discomfort.Contraindicated in hypersensitive clients.From 15 руб.
AktidermAlmost similar in structure, analogue of Akriderm.As shown by the direction, the medication is contraindicated for open bleeding injuries.From 80 руб.
Acne-DermThe main analogue of Akriderm, consisting of azelaic acid in its structure.Contraindicated in pregnant and breast feeding moms.From 150 rubles. and greater.
NakridermUsed for external use.According to the instructions, the medication is not suggested for allergic reaction patients.From 100 руб.
Marty-DermIt is utilized versus skin aging.The drug is forbidden for hypersensitive clients and asthmatics.From 100 руб.

According to the instructions, Akriderm is the most recent reliable treatment. It is utilized to deal with skin illness. The medication is permitted to be utilized by grownups and kids who have actually reached the age of 2.



Angela, 22 years of ages

In spring, seasonal allergic reactions are an issue. Medication Akriderm is a terrific drug. I purchased a cream. It is produced in bundles of 15 and 30 grams. The cost is certainly overpriced. There are analogs and more affordable. But completion arise from the use happy me. The cream includes an antibiotic. Therefore, it is much better not to self-medicate.

Vika, 34 years of ages

My years of age kid has atopic dermatitis. Expensive analogues were utilized. None of them offered the anticipated outcome. We now use Akriderm as a preventive step. Even after the very first application, the skin stays clear.

Lisa, 32 years of ages

I purchased a cream in a 15 mg bundle. It lasts for a very long time, given that I do not use the drug so frequently. In a number of days, all skin disorders vanish totally. I am 32 however still have dermatitis due to food allergic reactions. Then I use the cream.

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