Acetone in urine during pregnancy is there any reason for concern

The presence of acetone in the urine of a person is a rather alarming symptom, because it may indicate the presence of very serious health problems, for example, diabetes mellitus, liver disease, severe forms of anemia, and even some cancers. Acetone in urine during pregnancy, especially in the early stages, may be associated with global changes occurring during this period in a woman’s body. But this phenomenon can have very serious consequences for the expectant mother and child, therefore it requires careful diagnosis and immediate medical attention.

Where does acetone appear in urine?

The reasons why acetone can be found in the urine of a pregnant woman are often rooted in metabolic disorders and poor nutrition. At the same time, proteins and fats entering the body along with food are not completely broken down and, without being absorbed, enter the liver, and then into the urine. That is, acetone is proteins that have not decayed or oxidized.

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Acetone in the urine of pregnant women in the early stages most often appears as a result of toxicosis, which is accompanied by prolonged vomiting and, as a result, dehydration, starvation and anemia. The reasons for this phenomenon in the later stages can be much more serious. We are talking about low liver performance – gestosis, or gestational diabetes, which most often goes away after pregnancy, but can turn into diabetes mellitus in both the mother and the child.

In the third trimester, acetone in the urine may appear for quite natural reasons: by this time, some women have a serious weight gain that goes beyond the norm, which means that doctors recommend that they stick to a diet. Changes in the diet in this case can cause the appearance of non-split proteins in the urine.

How pathology manifests itself

Most often, acetone in urine during pregnancy is detected only after special tests, which are prescribed if the expectant mother has complaints of poor health and, first of all, constant vomiting. The problem is that this pathology does not have pronounced characteristic symptoms, by which one could immediately suspect the presence of acetone in the urine. But if its level is much higher than the norm, certain signs of this can still take place:

  • the smell of acetone from the mouth,
  • unpleasant smell of urine,
  • emotional instability, depression.

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And if the last symptom can still be attributed to hormonal changes, then it is rather difficult to confuse the first two with something else.


After the reasons for the appearance of acetone in the urine of a pregnant woman are determined, appropriate treatment is prescribed to her, usually in a hospital setting. If the examinations carried out did not reveal serious violations in the work of internal organs, primarily the liver and thyroid gland, it comes down to a special diet, which involves fractional nutrition, abundant drinking, preferably alkaline and the setting of droppers. The latter are necessary for the entry into the woman’s body of nutrients necessary for her and the normal development of the child, which she cannot receive from food.

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If the pathology was based on gestosis, the pregnant woman is prescribed special therapy aimed at stimulating the liver, and in gestational diabetes, drugs are used that normalize the activity of the endocrine system.

At the same time, it is important to understand that even after the condition has stabilized, it is extremely important to adhere to a special diet and control the level of acetone in the urine throughout pregnancy, periodically passing tests, especially with repeated manifestations of poor health, dizziness and vomiting. Indeed, it is with a quick response to the situation and strict adherence to all medical instructions that you can avoid negative impact on the unborn child and ensure his normal development.

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