Which side is the person’s heart

Seneca once said: “To rule yourself is the highest power.”

Heart pounding at the moment of danger and flight, a rumble in the head at the moment of declaration of love – you don’t understand which side of the heart is, it goes to your heels. This is how the human body and psyche are arranged, at the most unnecessary moment physiology reminds of itself.

Many people dream of learning how to manage their emotions, because trembling in the knees, in hands, confusion of words in moments of excitement can ruin a public speech, and anger that swept over suddenly can destroy dreams of a happy future, ruin your whole life.

The heart is sensitive to the events taking place around. One day it will stop.

A little about its value

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The genetic program, species characteristics determine where the human heart is located. For both women and men, the location is the same. It is easy to find it by knocking. It may seem that the heart is on the left. But this is not entirely true. On closer examination, it turns out that the location of the heart inside the chest does not correspond to the sensations. It is located almost in the middle, in the center of the chest.

The heart is a very important organ. Just like the brain located inside the skull, it needs additional protection from inert tissues. The heart is located in the chest, behind the ribs. It is more convenient for a person to protect the stomach from damage. The abdominal cavity contains organs such as the colon and small intestine.

But the lungs, liver, gallbladder, stomach are protected by a frame of ribs. There are more capillaries in the lungs, liver and heart muscle than in the intestines, gallbladder, stomach, and in the event of an injury, the likelihood of internal bleeding that will not stop on its own is much higher.

At the same time, acid is constantly present in the stomach, and bile is in the gallbladder. If they get into the internal cavity, on other organs due to trauma, the amount of damage will increase. The ability to regenerate with minor damage to the body depends on the organs located here, their integrity. Therefore, they also need additional protection. It is no coincidence that the heart is located.

Its main functions:

  1. provides constant blood circulation in the small and large circle of blood circulation;
  2. controls the speed of blood flow;
  3. saturates the blood with oxygen.

The brain controls its work, but the heart itself can create an impulse, work, not obeying the orders of the brain. Only thanks to this feature, called automatism, it is possible to maintain continuous blood circulation.

The brain cannot stop the work of this organ. Only if the ribs are damaged does the danger of stopping appear. Although there are cases of cardiac muscle arrest due to resonance arising from impact and vibration of the ribs, without damaging them. The rhythm in this case is violated and death is possible. The upper limbs can reduce the degree of risks in a dangerous situation.

Individual position

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Each person’s internal organs are located slightly differently. Even in the womb, individual features of the formation of internal organs, as well as deviations from the program of the human species, anomalies, and violations, become noticeable.

Anatomy was initially studied in practice. There was no ultrasound. Scientific information is generalized data about reality collected through observation and experiment. The genetic program of the formation of an organism determines how non-standard or standard it will be and reveals itself to be statistical dominance.

If in most cases the heart is in the representatives of the species on the right, then it should be there.

The generally accepted standard for the location of the heart muscle for a person is one third lies in the right side of the chest and two thirds on the left side of it. This location is no coincidence.

The rationality of nature never ceases to amaze. It is in the center, due to the connection of the ribs, the formation of a solid plate, that the bone is thicker and stronger. Anatomically, this location is more correct – it allows the heart muscle to be protected from potential danger as much as possible.

However, for some, it can be placed more strictly in the center, with a minimal shift, and this is not considered a pathology. The concept of a norm is somewhat vague and indistinct. The criterion for assessment is the degree of influence of deviation from the standards on the basic functions of the organ itself and other organs, organ systems.

Anomalies – dangerous and not dangerous

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There is nothing wrong with the fact that in one person this organ is displaced to the left, while in another it is in the center.

Worse if it is shifted to the right. The location of the heart and other organs in the chest affects their function.

Dextrocardia – this is the name of an anomaly with a shift to the right. The mass of the left ventricle always exceeds the mass of the right one. Therefore, the heartbeat is heard on the left side – it is stronger here. In a person with dextrocardia, the heart seemed to be reflected in a mirror.

There is also such an anomaly as the transposition of all organs – they are all not in their rightful place.

You can confuse the left and right sides of the body. People with organ transposition feel great and are in good health. But in the case of an anomaly where only the heart is displaced, violations are likely, although not necessarily occur. A heart positioned this way may not have room to function normally.

Thus, the location of the heart in the human body should be centered, with an offset to the left. On which side it and all other organs are located, it matters. But this can be checked only with the help of special equipment. Most likely, this is an illusion – the feeling that it is on the left side.

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