What is gallbladder hypotension

With the modern work schedule, people do not have time to eat properly and properly: they eat on the go, do not eat breakfast, eat heavy and fatty foods at night, or are interrupted by something sweet. Because of this crazy schedule, they may have gallbladder hypotension. What can lead to hypotension and what are the symptoms? How to avoid gallstone pathology? How to eat properly with inflammation of the gallbladder?

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What it is?

Hypotension of the gallbladder is a weakening of the walls of the main organ, as a result of which such a violation of the motor activity of the bile ducts leads to the secretion, which enters the small intestine and causes unpleasant symptoms. This organ functions as a reservoir where vital secretions are stored for the breakdown of fatty foods.

In simple words, this is a violation of the ejection of bile from the bladder. Women and children often suffer from a hypotonic organ. In young children, bladder inflammation occurs due to various infections and due to the ingestion of pathogenic microorganisms. In women, due to disruptions in the hormonal background, intoxication of the body and inflammatory processes of the liver.

Causes of the disease

Hypotension of the gallbladder in an adult and a child occurs against the background of the following reasons:

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  • a sedentary lifestyle and constant overeating (or improper diet),
  • psychoemotional state – a person is in constant stress, experiences arterial hypotension, nervous tension, which subsequently leads to gallbladder disease,
  • the presence in the digestive organs of various pathogenic (namely, their excrement) organisms can lead to a decrease in the contraction of the bile walls,
  • due to stomach disease, cholecystitis and gallstones,
  • chronic damage to the tissues and walls of the bladder or a decrease in tone.

A hypotonic gall organ in a child can occur even as a result of an infectious disease of the pulmonary tract.

Disease symptomatology and diagnosis

Each organism is special in its own way, so the signs of bladder hypotension may differ. But still, the clinical picture looks like this:

  • sleep disturbance,
  • severe tingling pain in the right side
  • feeling of heaviness in the stomach and liver,
  • a bitter aftertaste with food (or with a prolonged absence of food in the stomach),
  • feeling bloated or full in the intestines
  • irregular bowel movements, sometimes alternating (diarrhea, constipation),
  • low blood pressure
  • lack of appetite,
  • arrhythmia,
  • nausea accompanied by vomiting.

With hypotonic illness, symptoms may increase after eating, this is due to the fact that the load is directed to the work of the gallbladder.

Acute hypotension is accompanied by symptoms such as chronic fatigue as a result of nervous strain. In such cases, treatment should be started immediately.

At the first signs of hypotension, it is necessary to consult a gastroenterologist. If you have really serious problems, you will be prescribed treatment.

Diagnostics of the digestive system is prescribed only after a specialist examination. The doctor prescribes the necessary tests and procedures. In addition to routine blood, urine and feces tests, ultrasound, cholecystography and, if necessary, pre-dendenal intubation are prescribed.

Treatment of the disease

Immediately after a complete examination, the patient is assigned an individual complex treatment, consisting of:

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  • drugs that have a choleretic effect, these include: liobil, vigeratin and other analogues,
  • adherence to a strict diet,
  • mineral water treatment,
  • physiotherapy.

All these procedures are aimed at normalizing the tone of the gallbladder and biliary tract. Treatment can take place at home, but at first the patient needs the supervision of specialists, so he can be sent to a dispensary or sanatorium.

Some experts recommend folk remedies that are used as prevention.

You can use various herbal (replace green and black tea) teas: St. John’s wort, chamomile, yarrow, mint, elecampane, valerian. All these herbs have a beneficial effect on the motility of the stomach, improve the motor activity of the diseased organ and have a calming effect.

Disease diet

Hypotension of the gallbladder implies adherence to proper nutrition. Doctors recommend adhering to several rules:

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  • it is forbidden to use products that cause gas formation: sweet and fatty foods, as well as carbonated and alcoholic drinks,
  • you cannot eat spicy, salty, canned and smoked (including spicy vegetables and overly sweet fruits),
  • you need to eat fractionally, in small portions (do not make too large gaps between meals),
  • you cannot eat very hot and cold foods, the food must be warm,
  • food must be steamed or cooked in the oven,
  • the diet should not be too lean or plentiful, the calorie content of the diet should correspond to the needs of the body,
  • the table should be filled with foods that provoke the movement and production of bile: eggs, fermented milk products, vegetable oils, lean fish and meat.

A diet with hypotension of the gallbladder is aimed at normalizing the constant secretion of vital secretions and preventing it from stagnating.

If a family member has this disease, teach everyone to eat right. After all, it is better to prevent the disease than get rid of it. Give up bad habits that cause serious pathologies in the body. And be healthy.


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