Ventricular extrasystole causes, symptoms and classification of ventricular extrasystoles according

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An extended pause, which continues from the ventricular extrasystole to a new independent reduction, is called a compensatory pause for extrasystole.

After each ventricular extrasystole, a complete compensatory pause is noted. With extrasystole, it is recorded in the case when an ectopic pulse cannot be carried out retrograde through the atrioventricular node to the atria.

Compensatory pause with extrasystole completely compensates for the premature occurrence of a new impulse. A complete compensatory pause with extrasystole is characteristic of ventricular extrasystole.

Extrasystoles in children can develop due to:

  • hereditary pathologies of the heart muscle;
  • overdose of medications;
  • intoxication;
  • nervous and physical overload.

Children may complain of soreness (stitching) in the chest, extraordinary tremors.

Rare extrasystoles in the second trimester of pregnancy are a normal variant. This is due to a violation of the electrolyte balance in the blood. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and gall bladder can provoke the appearance of reflex extrasystole.

But delaying a visit to the doctor is not recommended. If you experience suspicious symptoms, seek the help of a specialist. Therapy consists in taking magnesium and potassium preparations, as well as following a special diet.

Treatment of pathology is:

  • giving up bad habits – smoking and alcohol abuse;
  • the introduction of boiled potatoes, raisins, apples, dried apricots into the diet;
  • abstinence from strong physical exertion;
  • taking mild sedatives.
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As a rule, the use of antiarrhythmic drugs is prescribed: Propranolol, Metoprolol, Lidocaine, Novocainamide, Amidaron. In case of complication of ventricular extrasystole, ischemic heart disease prescribes the use of polyunsaturated fatty acids – funds that help myocardial nourishment. Often prescribed the use of vitamins, antihypertensives and restorative drugs.

In case of insufficient effectiveness of drug therapy, or with a malignant course of pathology, an operation is prescribed:

  • radiofrequency catheter ablation of additional foci;
  • open heart surgery, consisting in the excision of areas in which additional impulses occur.

With functional extrasystoles, the use of drugs from the people will be very useful. They will help in the treatment of the disease and accelerate the healing process.

  1. Herbal infusion will help normalize heart rate. Steam twenty grams of crushed marigold roots in four hundred milliliters of freshly boiled water. Remove the composition in heat for two hours. Drink 50 ml of the drink before each sitting at the table.
  2. Mix honey in equal proportions with freshly squeezed radish juice. Take a spoonful of the drug three times a day.
  3. Pour ten grams of dried hawthorn fruit with high-quality vodka – 100 ml. Close the container tightly and remove the dark place for a week. Take ten drops of strained drug three times a day.

Elimination of provoking factors, treatment of the underlying disease. Single extrasystoles without clinical manifestations do not correct. Treatment of neurogenic extrasystoles, compliance with the regime of work and rest, dietary recommendations, regular sports, psychotherapy, tranquilizers or sedatives (e.g. diazepam, valerian tincture).

Indications for treatment with specific antiarrhythmic drugs: pronounced subjective sensations (interruptions, feeling of fading of the heart, etc.), sleep disturbances, extrasystolic allorhythmia, early ventricular extrasystoles, superimposed on the T wave of the previous heart cycle, frequent single extrasystoles (more than 5 per min.

), group and polytopic extrasystoles, extrasystoles in the acute period of myocardial infarction, as well as in patients with postinfarction cardiosclerosis. Ventricular extrasystole 1-2 gradation according to Laun usually does not require treatment. 3 gradation can also be left without the appointment of special antiarrhythmics in the absence of organic myocardial damage.

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