Vegetative crisis what are the causes of symptoms and treatment

To get rid of vegetative crises, modern medicine suggests using appropriate medications, and treatment of a vegetative crisis with folk remedies can also be applied. In order to treat the patient correctly from crises, the doctor will know what symptoms and how much the person experiences, as well as how long he lives with such conditions.

The examination is carried out primarily to find out where the attacks began. Often they are caused by improper, prolonged use of strong drugs.

Treatment of cardiac neuroses in humans can be carried out using:

  • With abnormalities in the work of the heart – valocordin and corvalol.
  • In the presence of panic in the patient – relanium and clonozepam.
  • Upon detection of symptoms of a private nature, antidepressants.


What tips can be used to independently control attacks of vegetative crises:

  1. In the event that a person suddenly begins to feel growing panic, dizzy or aching head, and also legs cringe, he should be drastically changed the situation, go outside.
  2. It is necessary to practice breathing techniques that allow you to breathe deeply. Since oxygen, which in this case enters the brain in large portions, is able to extinguish the onset of the crisis. You can breathe in and out with a paper bag.

In the case when the crisis is repeated several times in the same situation, for example, in the metro, a kind of habit may appear – a person sees the metro and he begins a panic attack. To get rid of this condition, you need to replace one habit with another. For this, the patient can use the following recommendations.

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Consider the same case with the subway. Being in it, a person can:

  1. Make plans for how he will spend time with his loved one.
  2. Eat or drink those foods that he loves most.
  3. To hold in your hands an animal that calms him, for example, a cat.

Of course, there can be no general recommendations here, since all people have different inclinations and preferences. Therefore, the patient must decide for himself which method will be most effective in his case.

To help the body prevent such conditions, the patient may be offered herbal preparations that will calm the nervous system. For example, mint, valerian go motherwort. Also, a person should spend more time outdoors, taking walks and playing sports.

Doctors recommend leaving bad habits, since alcohol and tobacco exacerbate the patient’s condition. In the event that if therapeutic and preventive measures are not taken, then frequent bouts of cardioneurosis will have consequences in the form of a sharp and complete unwillingness to participate in society, as well as a person’s mental depression.

Therapeutic measures have a conservative direction, three different tactics of management can be applied, which give a positive effect with complex use, namely:

  • medications: include tranquilizers, sedatives, antidepressants, beta-blockers. Symptomatic treatment is also used, for example, taking medications to reduce pressure during a vegetative crisis;
  • psychotherapy: carried out with an experienced specialist, consists in the person’s awareness of the etiological origin of seizures, methods of dealing with them;
  • basics of self-regulation: various techniques of meditation are used to balance relations with oneself, moral balance. These include yoga, qigong, auto-training.
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