The big difference between upper and lower pressure causes, symptoms, treatment

If the upper and lower blood pressure has a big difference, after the examination they should choose a treatment. The selection of a suitable therapeutic course is carried out taking into account some features:

  1. A sharp decline should be avoided. The fall of systolic numbers should occur gradually. This will give the body time to get used to the changes. If this advice is ignored, then acute ischemic disorders can occur that can lead to the death of the patient.
  2. You should use drugs that affect only the upper pressure. In this case, treatment begins with low doses, gradually increasing the dosage.

The difference between systolic and diastolic pressure is called pulse pressure. To get rid of such disorders, you need to turn to drug therapy. Usually used:

  1. Antihypertensive drugs. These drugs are traditionally used for hypertension. Treatment is carried out with calcium antagonists, beta-blockers, angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, angiotensin receptor blockers. If you choose the right dosage and observe it, then you can achieve significant improvement.
  2. Diuretic drugs. With the help of diuretics, the body is freed from excess fluid. Thanks to this, blood becomes smaller, it becomes easier for the heart to pump it, pressure indicators are stabilizing.
  3. Medicines to improve blood flow in the brain, kidneys, heart. They also provide additional protection for organs from the negative effects of high blood pressure.
  4. Cerebroprotectors. Thanks to them, nerve tissue and the brain receive enough nutrition. Such drugs can avoid stroke attacks and other disorders of the blood supply to the body.

To get a good effect in the treatment of diseases, use combinations of drugs. They can combine or change the dosage. But all this can only be done under the supervision of a doctor.

To achieve good results in therapy, you need to slightly adjust your usual lifestyle. The patient should make the right diet, walk more often, move more and adhere to other principles of a healthy lifestyle.

Pressure 170 to 80, for example, suggests a significant difference between systolic and diastolic pressure. If you need to increase or decrease the difference, doctors come to synthetic drugs to “fit” the indicators. This practice is unpopular in medicine, it is resorted to in rare cases. Deviations in the difference between upper and lower pressure are usually corrected by changing habits. Doctors recommend:

  • exclude smoking;
  • exclude alcohol from consumption;
  • include sports;
  • follow a diet;
  • avoid stressful situations;
  • pass a health check systematically.

A breakdown in the difference Blood pressure may differ from normal (accepted indicators), so it is important to decide on an individual border. If the situation is not chronic, sharp changes or changes are not recorded, a person needs to normalize sleep, calm down, and normalize the cardiovascular system. If the deviations are permanent, only the doctor will help.

Indicate your pressure

Variants of events

When measuring pulse pressure, it is necessary to take into account the reasons why the indicators increase. This will help to diagnose faster and more accurately.

Reasons for increasing the difference between upper and lower pressure:

  • with a strong increase in systolic parameters, the myocardium works in an intensive mode, which can lead to its hypertrophy;
  • a significant decrease in systolic values ​​indicates poor vascular tone, high cholesterol, the presence of serious renal pathologies;
  • stresses, emotional overfatigue – to normalize indicators, it is necessary to take mild sedatives;
  • severe anemia;
  • malfunctions of the thyroid gland;
  • increased intracranial pressure.

A large difference in pressure values ​​can be caused by excessive physical exertion, a sharp increase or decrease in air temperature, viral diseases. For a more accurate diagnosis of the condition, it is necessary to take measurements on both hands at the same time, before the procedure you need to rest, do not drink coffee for half an hour, and refrain from smoking.

Also, an increase in pulse pressure in combination with increased systolic and diastolic pressure can be a symptom of a hypertensive crisis.

High pulse rates are often found in pregnant women – all organs work intensively, which increases the load on the heart. Expectant mothers often have anemia, the thyroid gland is disrupted, which also negatively affects the indicators.

Often a big difference is noted with an incorrect measurement – it is necessary to measure the pressure three times with an interval of 2-3 minutes, enter the smallest results in the diary. If the situation does not improve within a week, you need to contact a cardiologist.

If the difference between the upper and lower pressure is not normal, then blood pressure must be controlled, especially if the person is over 60 years old. Although this type of hypertension does not proceed in an aggressive form, it cannot be left without attention. Most patients live with this problem for many years, only periodically feeling unpleasant symptoms.

If deviations are detected in a timely manner, and the doctor selects the correct treatment option, then the indicators will be able to be kept within normal limits. The patient, in turn, must follow all the instructions of specialists.

How to treat pressure fluctuations in case of overwork

It is known what the difference between the lower and upper pressure is optimal – it is 40 units, but the range of acceptable values ​​can be expanded to 30-50 units. All violations, discrepancies with the normal scale, whatever they are caused by, need to be corrected.

If you went to the doctor, and overwork is a stated diagnosis, do not be prejudiced. Unfortunately, this ignoring of a real problem happens often. And overwork becomes a prelude to really serious, sometimes irreversible consequences.

Stage of overworkEvidenceHow to treat
1 stageShe is characterized by sleep disturbances, unpreparedness for serious loads. Fatigue literally puts pressure on a person, but you can’t fall asleep at the same time. After sleep, the patient feels overwhelmed, his pressure rises (often the pulse difference is higher than normal), lack of appetite, working capacity at zero.Limitation of mental and physical stress, good rest for at least 2 weeks. Setting sleep and rest, balanced, fortified food on schedule. Daily walks, massage, physiotherapy.
2 stageGeneral malaise, weight loss, metabolic decline due to lack of blood sugar. Pain arises in the limbs, pressure jumps, the person is lethargic and drowsy.The same as for stage 1, plus spa treatment, rehabilitation for about a month.
3 stageThe activity of many organs is disrupted, the consequences are predicted severe. Excitement and neurasthenia, drowsiness during the day and exhausting insomnia at night are noted. Blood pressure decreases. Life rhythm is completely broken.Hospitalization until all major symptoms disappear. Full rest for at least 2-3 weeks. The full recovery period takes about 4 months.

Everything is very serious in order to plan a vacation “for later”. At the slightest sign of overwork, consult a specialist.

If the body lacks vitamins and valuable elements, it begins to suffer. Pathologies will not keep you waiting: vitamin deficiency causes severe disturbances in the functioning of the nervous and endocrine system, affects the cardiovascular system, and affects the operation of sensors. It is all the more terrible to understand that many people arbitrarily bring their bodies to such a state. We are talking about adherents of low-calorie diets.

In extreme conditions, and this is a physiological given, the human body slows down metabolic processes. It helps him survive. A rigid diet is extreme conditions. First, there are negative shifts in the National Assembly: a person notices mood swings, anger, inhibition, and a disorder of emotional reactions.

Then the following changes: the level of leptin, the same hormone that regulates the feeling of hunger, drops. It is impossible for this reason to hold out on a low-calorie diet for a long time – to cope with your appetite is becoming increasingly difficult. Following leptin, the level of dopamine decreases (it is a neurotransmitter), which is responsible for pleasure.

Changes in the NS as in a chain reaction trigger disturbances in the process of cell construction and reconstruction. The level of thyroid hormones decreases, which is responsible for the speed of metabolic processes. Then negative changes occur with the structures of the reproductive system.

The hormonal background changes, and this can not but affect the cardiovascular system. Often, at the beginning of a low-calorie diet, her followers have a decrease in blood pressure, but the more organs begin to suffer from such harsh conditions, the higher the risk of malfunctions, fluctuations in vital indicators.

So, one value Blood pressure can be very low, the other is closer to normal. And the pulse difference in this case, respectively, is high. So it turns out that the person wanted to lose weight, but acquired a bunch of problems that he would have to solve for a long time.

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