Tenoten for vegetovascular dystonia reviews

And again, a good doctor should stop you from striving to immediately begin a medical course of treatment. Before telling what to take with VVD, he must convince you of the need to change your lifestyle. At a minimum, you have to redraw it. For well-being it is extremely important:

  • Adjust the mode of work and rest;
  • Be sure to include sports in the daily routine.
  • It is recommended to take a contrast shower daily, more often to be in the fresh air and eat right.
  • The body should get a good rest, which means you should spend at least 8 hours a day in bed, and it does not matter how busy your work schedule is.
  • It is very helpful to visit a therapist throughout the treatment period.
  • Sanatorium treatment also has a positive effect on the healing process.

At the first stage, tranquilizers are used, in mild cases, herbal tinctures and decoctions. Antipsychotics for VVD are prescribed by the attending physician, their function is to reduce the reaction to external stimuli. In this case, only drugs with a mild effect are used. This is Frenolon, Sonapax. They can be used in the treatment of children of preschool and school age.

Violation of the autonomic innervation of the vascular wall underlies angioedema (VVD), a common cause of nonspecific symptoms in young people: complaints of headaches, anxiety, irritability, general weakness and sleep disturbance without obvious signs of another pathology. Treatment is usually symptomatic.

“Tenoten” refers to the group of homeopathic anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) drugs with a mild sedative (sedative) and nootropic effect. The active substance is antibodies (proteins that produce lymphocytes to neutralize foreign structures) to the brain-specific S-100 protein.

The mechanism of action of homeopathic remedies is based on the directed stimulation of individual structures. According to the instructions, the use of specific antibodies in the drug affects:

  1. GABA-ergic system – a complex of structures associated with the release of inhibitory mediator – gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). Activation of the cascade of reactions reduces the level of anxiety, improves the conductivity of the electrical impulse along the fibers.
  2. Trophy of neurons through improved blood flow, decreased hypoxia (oxygen starvation) and accelerated metabolic (metabolic) processes.
  3. Stress-limiting systems. The complex effect of antibodies is aimed at increasing the threshold of excitability of structures, which reduces the risk of symptoms of autonomic dysfunction during emotional stress.
  4. Neuronal plasticity – the ability to form new connections between cells (this phenomenon provides the development of memory, the development of reflexes and habits). The effect is used as a protective action in the rehabilitation period after acute cerebrovascular accident.

There are clinical studies in which a decrease in the concentration of catecholamines (adrenaline and norepinephrine) in patients using Tenoten was noted.

The combined effect of the drug causes a wide range of indications for prescribing. Neurologists and psychiatrists recommend using Tenoten for:

  • asthenic conditions with severe weakness and apathy;
  • anxiety-depressive disorders (with the exception of acute phases in mental illness);
  • depression (including vital);
  • neurosis and neurosis-like conditions;
  • rehabilitation after a stroke, intoxication with neurotropic substances (for example, ethyl alcohol);
  • emotional lability in women in the menopause;
  • organic damage to the central nervous system with signs of apathy, abulia, anxiety;
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD);
  • osteochondrosis of the cervical spine with a decrease in blood flow through the vertebral artery (as part of complex therapy);
  • vascular dystonia.

“Tenoten” is not addictive (unlike synthetic tranquilizers) and muscle relaxant action. A high degree of dilution in the manufacture of the drug determines the safety and the absence of side effects.

The development of symptoms with VVD is pathophysiologically associated with a violation of the tone of the muscle wall of the blood vessels. The first signs appear in childhood or adolescence. Most often, episodes provoke:

  • panic attacks (from exposure to strong emotional shocks);
  • overwork;
  • prolonged state of internal stress;
  • overheating or hypothermia.

“Tenoten” in vegetative-vascular dystonia is used as an anti-anxiety agent that raises the threshold of the body’s sensitivity to external stimuli, reducing the impact of trigger (triggering) factors.

The drug is released in the form of tablets. There are separate options for adults and children (differ in concentration, degree of dilution of the active substance).

“Tenoten” for VVD is prescribed 1-12 tablets per day for sublingual (sublingual) use. The dose is selected individually in each case, depending on the severity of symptoms and sensitivity to the drug. The duration of treatment is up to six months.

It is recommended to take the drug at least two hours before bedtime, since the active substance has an activating effect.

According to patient reviews, Tenoten has a weaker effect than Afobazol or Novo-Passit, and most often helps patients with moderate symptoms.


Vegetovascular dystonia is a polymorphic disease that requires an integrated approach for the diagnosis and individual selection of treatment. The choice of homeopathic and herbal preparations is often determined by the patient’s desire, since the evidence base for such drugs is rather weak. The appointment of “Tenoten” in dystonia is accompanied by a decrease in the severity and frequency of the occurrence of headache, anxiety, insomnia and other characteristic symptoms of pathology – according to the results of studies conducted by the manufacturer.

Sources Used: cardiograf.com

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The complex effect of plant components of the drug Detonic on the walls of blood vessels and the autonomic nervous system contribute to a rapid decrease in blood pressure. In addition, this drug prevents the development of atherosclerosis, thanks to the unique components that are involved in the synthesis of lecithin, an amino acid that regulates cholesterol metabolism and prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

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Vitamins as part of complex therapy

Here, I want to immediately note the fact that by themselves they are not able to bring relief, however, along with the main medicines, vitamins can have a significant effect and accelerate recovery. Vitamins are essential in the treatment of VVD, as their lack affects the state of the nervous system. As a rule, these are vitamins of group B (B2, B6, B12). Moreover, the lack of these substances can be a concomitant factor for the development of the IRR.

Usually, doctors prescribe group B drugs for injections. However, if you do not want to go to the treatment room, you can replace it with Neuromultivitis. With VVD, it is prescribed quite often, since in its composition all the necessary vitamins that are perfectly absorbed.

Reviews of doctors and patients about the drug Tenoten

There is a significant difference between them. Sedatives try to help induce sedation, while tranquilizers are characterized by a sedative effect. Among psychotropic substances, they occupy the second position in terms of force of action. Tranquilizers for VVD are prescribed for the relief of the acute phase, during which treatment is not possible.

  • The largest group is benzodiazelin derivatives: phenazelam, seduxen, valium and many others.
  • A separate group of doctors distinguish the so-called daytime tranquilizers. They do not give drowsiness and lethargy. This is gidazelam, medazelam.
  • Modern tranquilizers that are not addictive, addictive, and drowsy. These are Afobazole and some others that are very weak, but there are no withdrawal symptoms and side effects.

An integral part of the life of a modern person is stress and its grave consequences. The frantic everyday rhythm provokes the development of psycho-emotional pathologies: neurosis, phobia, panic states. Not every person is able to independently cope with a disorder of the nervous system, so often you have to seek help from sedative medications.

Reviews of the drug Tenoten, used in the treatment of neurotic dysfunctions, will help draw conclusions about its therapeutic effect and analyze the effect of this sedative on the mental state of a person.

“She took Tenoten in a difficult life period. Age-related changes have led to a hormonal disorder, and, as a result, nervous strain, increased irritability. In general, my climacteric syndrome was difficult for me, which was often accompanied by panic fears.

The result of taking Tenoten was not long in coming. First of all, sleep normalized, stopped torturing myself with terrible thoughts in attempts to fall asleep. In the spiritual plane, balance appeared. I noticed that I became more restrained and judicious. I used to start up with a half-turn, and now, I’ll think it over first and then calmly look for a solution to the problem. ”

Feel constant fatigue, depression, and irritability? Find out about a tool that is not in pharmacies, but that all stars use! To strengthen the nervous system is simple enough.

“I take sedatives all my conscious life. I have a chronic neurosis, and that I just have not tried. One day, I still got to Tenoten. At first, by tradition, I went to the forum and read what reviews people write about Tenoten. As it turned out, this is a very popular and well-advertised product, almost like Afobazole. But I don’t watch TV, I heard about Tenoten from a colleague.

I will say right away that if you have a serious mental disorder, then this medicine will be useless for you. Serious prescription drugs will be required. Tenoten did not help me cope with my asthenic neurosis. But this tool is still useful. My husband had a little stress at work, and he took this sedative. Spouse is satisfied with the effect, quickly calmed down and came to his senses. ”

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“After a protracted decree that lasted for nearly 6 years, I had to adapt to a new life, to work, to the team and mental stress. At some point, my psyche began to fail. Constant stress at work and irritability from fatigue at home.

I bought Tenoten resorption tablets without a prescription in a pharmacy. The bright box contains 40 tablets, the price is 240 rubles. I took 2 tablets per day.

The first few days I did not feel much effect, but later, very smoothly, I felt a slight antidepressant effect. In the office, she became more attentive, increased the amount of work done, stopped fussing and getting nervous over nothing. A very good and effective sedative. ”

“My daughter is 12 years old and she has been prescribed the adult version of Tenoten tablets. She is a girl large and tall beyond her years, and the doctor said that there would be no sense in children. She was diagnosed with teenage depression, which developed as a result of the fact that we had already changed 3 schools.

I studied in detail the reviews of adults on the forums about Tenoten who used this medication for various kinds of depression, and did not subtract anything negative.

Already in the second week of admission, our girl came to life, became more active and entrepreneurial. She began to do better in school. We continue treatment, our course is 4 months. ”

“I liked that after 3 months of admission there was no withdrawal syndrome! Saw Tenoten to alleviate the symptoms of vegetovascular dystonia. For a very long time I could not establish a dream, and this drug helped me in just a week. I took 4 tablets a day and began to sleep like a baby.

It was possible to normalize the psycho-emotional background. I am prone to depressive disorders, but with Tenoten I became more optimistic. I will not say that this is a powerful tool, the effect does not appear immediately, but after the necessary accumulation of active substances in the body, the medicine begins to work. The manifestations of the airborne disease were very smoothed out and I am pleased with the effect of this medicine.

“Hello! If the body needs a reboot, Tenoten will help you. Problems in the family and at work turned me into a sociophobe. Stress grew like a snowball, and I became more and more withdrawn and unsociable. Before that, I was fond of tricyclic antidepressants, but I was absolutely not satisfied with their action. They suppressed me and turned me into an uninitiated vegetable.

Once I went to a medical Internet resource and came across reviews by neurologists about Tenoten. It said that this tool is considered safe and, at the same time, very effective. I understood that Tenoten might not cope with my mental instability, since it has a rather mild effect. However, I decided to try and was pleased, because I did not want to return to taking potent psychotropics. ”

“Greetings, friends. Today we will talk about the well-known pharmaceutical product Tenoten. As a psychotherapist, I will say that the drug shows a good sedative effect, especially when the patient is immersed in temporary stressful situations. The medicine well eliminates alarming symptoms, sadness, lethargy. Promotes good falling asleep and, in general, improves sleep quality.

Side effects are unlikely and have not occurred in my practice. Patients, often themselves purchase this drug in a pharmacy, without a medical prescription. I believe that the price of this homeopathic remedy is too high, due to the product’s publicity. ”

“Homeopathy has always been mistrustful, doubted the effectiveness. But a friend praised Tenoten so much that I succumbed and decided to give it a try. I have a long-standing psycho-vegetative syndrome, frequent headaches, dizziness, hypersensitivity to the slightest changes in the weather, and vascular pathology.

Homeopathic sedative Tenoten acts slowly and, at first glance, seems ineffective. At first, the state of health was unchanged. Later, I began to feel the smooth effects of the pills. In the evenings I became calmer, the alarm let go. Things were more complicated with morning apathy. They managed to get rid of it only after a month and a half. Sleep has become better and this is a fact. I drank Tenoten for 5 months, decided to take a break and then start again. ”

“Good afternoon. I have vast experience in taking sedatives. I tried a great variety of products, both of plant origin, and on a chemical basis. Each was good in his own way, but he helped in one thing: either he establishes a dream, but at the same time he sleeps at work, or you are cheerful and cheerful during the day, and at night the anxieties only worsen. I have a capricious body and too susceptible to any influences.

From Tenoten was no use, except that she began to fall asleep a little faster. But in order to achieve good falling asleep, I had to take medicine at 6 tablets per day. Panic attacks did not stop, the drug is weak. ”

“I was prescribed Tenoten to normalize my mental state during pregnancy. I took 2 tablets a day for a month. The term was 12 weeks. The drug helped me calm my nerves. I worked under very stressful conditions, plus I suffered from severe toxicosis.

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I took a sedative in the form of lozenges, and in a month of taking I was able to even out my emotional state. The drug does not adversely affect the child during gestation. Absolutely safe and effective. It tastes like sweet chalk. ”

“You know, this remedy affects everyone differently. We took at the same time with a friend, after reading reviews of knowledgeable people, after applying Tenoten.

My friend was depressed after a divorce, and so the drug helped her get out of this condition very well. And I did not observe anything but mild drowsiness. I started taking Tenoten from anxiety-phobic disorder mixed with asthenia.

You can’t get rid of my pathologies with Tenothen alone, and I added it to those drugs that I have been taking for a long time. Only a feeling of weakness and lethargy was added, and there were no more changes. ”

“Good day! I took Persen for a long time, then decided to switch to Tenoten, and according to the results of the 2 month admission, Persen clearly wins. From Tenothen I had strange states: apathy with fits of rage. It seems to calm down for a certain time, and then abruptly switch to aggression.

Perhaps the drug does not suit me according to individual indicators, because I myself prescribed it myself, without going to the doctor. Or maybe I just got used to Persen and could not switch to Tenoten. ”

“My son was prescribed Tenoten for hyperactivity. Plus, the child is unreasonably capricious and drives him crazy with his tantrums. We bought a children’s version of the medicine in the pharmacy and additionally purchased Glycine, everything as the doctor prescribed. Our children’s dosage consisted of 3 tablets per day. I will make a reservation that before this, the son took the analog of Tenoten – Memori plus, but as such we did not notice the effect.


Today, this disorder is very young. Many teenage schoolchildren are registered with neuropathologists with exactly this diagnosis. However, young organisms are still too fragile to experience the effects of serious drugs. Moreover, at this age, the ANS can cause minor malfunctions, which pass over time by themselves. Therefore, speaking about what to take with vegetative-vascular dystonia, the doctor tries to use herbal medicine first of all.

Medicinal herbs help, without harm to the whole body, normalize the work of the heart and blood vessels, the central nervous system. Properly selected, they have a calming effect, normalize sleep. Herbal preparations do not have side effects and do not cause addiction and addiction. Doctors share at least two areas:

  • Herbal treatment of VSD according to the hypotonic type is based on the use of plant stimulants and energetics, which awaken the whole organism and aim it at work. To improve well-being, get a boost of vigor and increase pressure, you can use tincture of immortelle sand, sprouted wheat, liquid leuzea extract, tincture of zamanicha or juniper fruits, Chinese magnolia vine fruits. But best of all, in this case, ginseng has proven itself in the case of VVD. No wonder this root was worth its weight in gold, it is really capable of working miracles.
  • Hypertensive treatment of VSD with herbs is carried out using herbal preparations with a pronounced calming effect. This is a tincture of motherwort and valerian, evading peony, a decoction of red hawthorn fruit. You can mix in one thermos when brewing dill seeds and the root of Valerian officinalis. The resulting infusion is extremely effective in alleviating the condition.

Reviews of doctors and patients about the drug Tenoten

Despite the fact that this drug is over-the-counter, you should not self-medicate. Each patient has individual clinical manifestations of a particular disease, so it is important to seek qualified medical help on time, at the first sign of nervous disorders.

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