Pine cone tincture for stroke treatment

Stroke is a severe pathological condition that is accompanied by the death of a part of the brain tissue. The illness needs complex treatment, consisting of medications, rehab steps, folk solutions. Pine cones from stroke are utilized as an extra technique of complex treatment for pathology.

Pathogenesis and reason for stroke

Stroke is a severe pathology that is identified by the death of a part of the brain tissue. The primary system is an abrupt cessation of blood circulation or hemorrhage. The awareness of the pathological condition takes place due to the impact of a number of provoking aspects that trigger modifications in the vessels:

  • Advanced age of an individual.
  • Systematic consumption of alcohol, cigarette smoking throughout life.
  • Low exercise.
  • Concomitant pathology of venous vessels with apoplexy (intravascular embolisms development).
  • Hereditary predisposition.
  • Improper diet plan with an enthusiasm for fatty, fried foods.

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Knowledge of the provoking aspects will assist to prevent the advancement of cerebral stroke through the application of preventive steps focused on removing their effect.

How pine cones work

Pine cones include a variety of natural substances. Tannins are of scientific interest. They have neuroprotective homes, enhance metabolic process (metabolic procedures) in the cells of the nerve system, and likewise avoid their additional death, due to which the primary results are recognized:

  • Slowing down the procedures of advancement of motor and sensory conditions.
  • Relief of ringing in the ears, which normally accompanies a stroke.
  • Strengthening the walls of arteries with the application of an advantageous impact for capillary, which permits you to avoid the matching illness in the future (myocardial infarction, frequent stroke).
  • Improving the practical state of the structures of the main nerve system, which is identified by a boost in intellectual capabilities.
  • Favorable impact on hemodynamic criteria – the funds assist well versus pressure.
  • A more fast course of procedures, accompanied by the reality that neighboring brain tissues take control of the function of dead neurocytes (cells of the nerve system) and paths.

The application of restorative results versus the background of using folk solutions from pine cones is possible with their proper usage.

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Important! The favorable results of pine cones are not restricted to the cardiovascular and nerve system. They have an advantageous impact on the intestinal system and resistance.

How to prepare

Pine cones act as basic materials for the preparation of medications. They have enough restorative effectiveness, supplied they are appropriately prepared, which suggests a number of easy suggestions:

  • It is finest to collect buds in August-September, when the tannin material is at its optimum.
  • Red and green pine cones can be gathered for preparation.
  • It is much better to select the cones from the tree instead of select them up from the ground.
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After gathering, it is advised not to save the cones for a long period of time, however to prepare a preparation, an infusion of them for a brief time period. This is because of the reality that tannin hesitates of wetness, the buds weaken and lose their useful homes.

When not to use

The usage of pine cones in conventional medication is contraindicated in particular scenarios, that include:

  • Kidney pathology, in which the excretion of tannin metabolic items might weaken.
  • Individual intolerance to any of the natural substances that comprise the cones.
  • The existence of allergies, which after taking a preparation, infusion can have numerous symptoms (skin rash, itching, urticaria, angioedema Quincke).
  • An individual’s age over 60 is a relative contraindication, in which the tincture ought to be taken thoroughly, just after seeking advice from a physician, he will figure out the dose and period of treatment.
  • Development of severe liver disease (liver swelling) of numerous origins (viral, medical, alcoholic).

In order to prevent problems and undesirable repercussions, it is essential to talk to your physician prior to utilizing any folk solution by yourself. Medicinal homes and contraindications ought to likewise be thought about in relation to possible concomitant pathology.

Important! The metabolic condition with the subsequent death of cells of the nerve system can continue for an adequately extended period of time. Therefore, it is essential to continue complex treatment even after discharge from the health center.

Basic dishes

In order to make a healing helpful solution from pine cones, a number of dose kinds can be prepared:

  • Vodka tincture is the most typical kind, for the preparation of which you take 5-7 cones and put 200 ml of regular vodka. For enough extraction of tannin and other helpful elements, the infusion should stand in a dark location for a long period of time (a minimum of 2 weeks). Take the completed item must be 1 teaspoon 3 times a day, ideally after meals. The period of the course of treatment is normally about 6 months.
  • A preparation in boiling water – suggested for individuals who are not advised to take alcohol, even in little amounts. To do this, put 5-6 pine cones with boiling water and let it brew for half an hour. The completed item is taken 50 ml 3 times a day, ideally not on an empty stomach.
  • Alcohol-vinegar infusion of pine – the item is prepared with alcohol with the addition of apple cider vinegar. To do this, 5-7 red cones, which need to initially be opened, put 250 ml of 70% alcohol option and let it brew for 10 days in a dark location. Before utilizing the item, filter it and include 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. The completed infusion must be taken orally – 1 teaspoon in weak tea, with honey.

Finished dose kinds of pine cones can be utilized for the treatment of stroke, throughout the application of rehab steps, and likewise for the avoidance of cardiovascular pathology, consisting of myocardial infarction and apoplexy of numerous localization.

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Features of treatment

Treatment of a stroke with folk solutions and strategies, consisting of pine cones, can show enough efficiency just if easy suggestions are followed:

  • For cooking, it is much better to utilize cones plucked from trees that are far from roadways, factories, and business. Spruce buds are not ideal for the treatment and avoidance of stroke.
  • The usage of folk solutions and dose kinds prepared on the basis of pine cones is similarly helpful for the treatment of a short-term attack connected with a momentary decline in the nutrition of brain tissues, along with hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke.
  • Before beginning to utilize a folk solution, it is essential to talk to your physician.
  • A folk solution is just an extra technique of treatment, for that reason, it is difficult to stop utilizing the medications recommended by a physician.
  • It is essential to ensure that there are no contraindications.
  • If a medical expert recommends the main dish of treatment after the start of taking pine cones, then he must certainly be alerted about this, given that correction of treatment, dose and period of medication might be needed.
  • If allergies or unfavorable adverse effects appear, using folk solutions ought to be terminated and look for medical suggestions from a medical expert.
  • In the case of concomitant pathology, it might be essential to change the dose and period of taking folk solutions made from pine cones.
  • To avoid the advancement of stroke, in addition to pine cones, basic suggestions ought to be used, consisting of way of life adjustment, diet plan, and likewise quiting bad practices.

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The proper and skilled usage of pine cones for stroke after assessment with the participating in doctor makes it possible for the ill individual to recuperate quicker, along with to prevent the re-development of a severe pathological condition.

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