If a woman’s urine smells like ammonia, reasons and what to do

Possible causes of ammoniacal odor from urine in women

It should be noted right away that the normal composition of human urine includes ammonia, since this is the main product of the breakdown of proteins in our body. That is, when eating meat and other foods containing proteins, ammonia will be formed and, therefore, excreted from the body in the urine. This means that mild ammonia odor from urine is normal and does not require any treatment. But if it seems to you that the smell is strong and pronounced, then you need to understand.

The causes of the ammonia smell from urine in women can be both physiological (normal) changes and pathological (not normal) changes.

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Physiological causes

  • Increased protein intake, “drying”. It is especially important for girls who actively visit the gym and follow the diet, using “protein” diets. In this case, the amount of ammonia formation increases, and urine is “saturated” with it.
  • Dehydration. In modern life, women often forget how important it is to consume water regularly and in large quantities. This leads to a decrease in the volume of water in the urine, an increase in the concentration of proteins. The result is a change in its smell.
  • “Red days”. Changes in hormonal levels actively affect a woman’s metabolism and the work of organs and systems. Therefore, in the middle of the cycle, as well as at its beginning and end, changes in the properties of urine are possible.
  • Pregnancy. This condition quite often strongly affects the functioning of the kidneys, and since they are organs for filtering and removing ammonia from the blood, it is not surprising that a change in the concentration of this substance can occur.
  • Taking various medications and vitamins. A change in the qualitative composition of urine can occur, for example, when taking iron or calcium supplements, and many others. As a rule, this effect is written in the instructions for the drug you are taking.

Pathological causes

Diagnosis and treatment

So, if you determine that you are smelling a pungent smell from urine, which most likely is not associated with physiological reasons, you do not need to panic. Your task is to calmly and judiciously try to associate these changes with possible causes, and, of course, pass the necessary diagnostic tests that your doctor will prescribe for you.

If you suspect an inflammatory process in the urethra and bladder, you will need to donate blood and urine for analysis. If the reason lies in kidney disease, in addition to these tests, you will be given an ultrasound scan and may even be sent to a hospital for examination. With an infectious etiology, it will be necessary to take vaginal smears and make a blood test for a latent infection. Hormonal disorders and suspicion of oncology require the intervention of narrow specialists.

After a comprehensive diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe a targeted treatment for you. It can be antibiotics, if the cause is an infection, hormonal therapy – for diabetes and other diseases of the glands. For each type of disease, the scheme is developed individually, taking into account your age and related problems. One way or another, if you find a strong smell of ammonia from urine, do not hesitate to see a doctor.

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