High blood pressure in the morning after sleep reasons what to do

Some people complain that after sleep they show signs of hypertension: the head begins to ache, nausea and dizziness appear.

In this case, the tonometer shows a deviation above the nome. This condition is provoked by various factors. Sometimes this is a physiological feature and does not require treatment.

But it can also indicate the development of pathology. Therefore, it is important to understand why the pressure is high in the morning and normal in the evening, to know how to improve morning well-being.

Blood pressure in the arteries depends on the individual characteristics of the human body. The indicators are affected by age.

In men and women in a calm state, a value not exceeding the mark of 130/80 mm Hg is normal.

The optimal blood pressure is 120/80 mm Hg. Previously, doctors considered the normal physiological increase in the upper numbers of the tonometer in people aged 45 to 60 years to 140, and over 60 years to 150 mmHg. But since 1999, according to WHO, systolic blood pressure in the range of 110 to 130 mm Hg has become optimal. Art for all age groups.

But the boundaries of diastolic blood pressure as they grow older, aging increase. For healthy young men and women, the norm is taken from 65 to 80 mm Hg. In old age (from 55 years), these boundaries are 80-89 mm Hg. The pulse pressure should be at least 20-25 mm Hg.

People who have problems with blood pressure are advised to know the normal range. Only in this way can measures be taken in time to raise or lower the tonometer numbers.

After awakening, some people notice an increase in blood pressure.

At the same time, closer to dinner, the tonometer numbers begin to decrease and by the evening they become normal.

Minor deviations from the norm are allowed. This is explained by the fact that in the morning the concentration level of adrenaline and cortisol in the blood is increased.

But during the day, the synthesis of these hormones decreases and by the evening (in the absence of emotional shocks, physical exertion) it drops to a minimum. This feature is caused by a natural biochemical reaction, a mechanism that sets the whole body to daily activity.

Blood pressure should not rise much. A healthy person in rare cases notices such changes in his body. But exceeding the norm by 20 units is a sign of developing hypertension. The disease is dangerous because a hypertensive crisis, in which there is a sharp and strong increase in blood pressure, can lead to heart attacks, strokes.

The factors that cause an increase in the lower and upper pressures include:

  • heredity. If one of the relatives had a headache in the morning, tachycardia, tinnitus, nausea and other signs of hypertension appeared, this means that a blood relative also has a greater likelihood of a similar vascular problem;
  • age The disease is more common in people older than 35 years. This is explained by the fact that with age, blood vessels lose their elasticity, cholesterol deposits appear in them, which impede blood flow;
  • physical and emotional overwork. Forget about what such a low pulse and pressure can people who work hard for wear. Problems with night sleep, lack of rest, excessive stress – all this provokes poor health and hypertension in the morning.

The causes of high blood pressure in the morning are also:

  • kidney disease;
  • meteorological dependence (some people, the atmospheric pressure begins to increase, note signs of hypertension);
  • disorders in the work of the nervous system;
  • poor environmental situation;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • passive way of life;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • taking antidepressants and some other groups of drugs;
  • violation of the rules for the use of medicines.

It is important to understand what happens in the body after waking up, what is the root cause of the increase in blood pressure in the morning. This is the key to maintaining good health at any age.

Growth Blood pressure in the morning is more often observed in representatives of the stronger sex. This is due to the fact that men work harder, work for wear. In women, the pressure drop can provoke pathologies of the urinary system, pregnancy, and the intake of certain oral contraceptives.

In addition to the above causes of high blood pressure in the morning, there are others. They are more associated with the rejection of a healthy lifestyle.

So, they can increase pressure after sleep:

  • malnutrition. The abuse of semi-finished products, products with a high cholesterol content negatively affects the state of the vessels. Cholesterol deposits begin to appear on their walls. This disrupts the blood flow and leads to increased pressure, heart problems;
  • nicotine addiction. A person who smokes a lot of cigarettes a day, feels good only in his youth. By the age of 40, lethargy and fatigue, high blood pressure after awakening are noted. This is due to the poor effect of nicotine on blood vessels;
  • addiction to alcohol. Alcohol abuse creates a big burden on the body, blood vessels, heart;
  • overweight . Obesity negatively affects the cardiovascular system, increases the likelihood of hypertension. Each extra kilogram helps to increase blood pressure by several units;
  • body position in a dream. When a person sleeps for a long time in one pose, blood circulation is disturbed. The body after awakening slowly begins to recover. In this case, the tonometer numbers may indicate a deviation from the norm.
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What kind of health in the morning will be influenced by what foods a person eats. So, to increase blood pressure contribute to:

  • salt abuse, especially at bedtime (this supplement retains fluid in the body, increasing the load on the arteries and raising the tonometer numbers);
  • fish and meat;
  • semolina;
  • sweet soda;
  • fats of animal origin (lead to the accumulation of bad cholesterol and weight gain);
  • smoked dishes;
  • sweets with butter cream, pastries;
  • canned food;
  • hot spices (black and red pepper, horseradish, cloves, mustard);
  • offal (brain, kidney, liver);
  • caffeinated products (a cup of cocoa, tea or coffee, drunk at night, guarantees high blood pressure in the morning);
  • potatoes.

If you adjust your body weight, limit salt intake, quit smoking, start moving a lot and find time for a good rest, then the morning increase in blood pressure will pass on its own.

Do not immediately drink antihypertensive tablets. Such drugs lower the tonometer numbers, but they do not solve the problem, negatively affect the functioning of other organs.

High blood pressure in men and women aged after morning awakening is common.

Not always high arterial pressure in the morning should cause concern. After all:

  • in the elderly, systolic blood pressure can reach up to 150 units in view of the deterioration of the state of the vessels. A sharp change of position often causes an increase in pressure. Then the indicators begin to gradually level out;
  • in a person aged, visual acuity and hearing are reduced. Therefore, he is not always able to correctly measure pressure without the help of a loved one. And electronic blood pressure monitors often show a false result;
  • with age, it is more difficult for the body to switch from sleep to awakening. Therefore, do not immediately lower the tonometer numbers with fast-acting tablets. It is recommended to observe the human condition: after a couple of hours, blood pressure begins to fall to normal.

Some doctors advise you to regulate high blood pressure after waking up hypotensive drugs with a prolonged effect. Such drugs affect the cardiovascular system throughout the day, help a weakened body to stabilize blood pressure.

To normalize the systolic and diastolic values ​​of pressure, experts recommend doing the following:

  • Having woken up, do not immediately get out of bed. It is better to lie down for 15-20 minutes. The body needs time to change from one type of activity to another;
  • drink plenty of fluids during the day. Refrain from drinking drinks at night: the last meal should be before 20:00;
  • if overweight, it should be reduced. Especially it is necessary to eliminate fat in the abdomen. To do this, there are special exercises that older people can perform;
  • remove tea and coffee from the diet;
  • find time to relax;
  • eat the last time four hours before bedtime. The field of this is not recommended snacks, tea parties with cookies or sweets;
  • walking on the street before going to bed. Thanks to evening walks, the blood is saturated with oxygen, the vessels become more supple when waking up in the morning;
  • go to bed until 23:00;
  • take herbal preparations with antihypertensive properties. The proper effect is given by compounds that include motherwort, hawthorn, lemon balm, mint or valerian.

Elderly people do not need to take pharmacy drugs to normalize pressure after waking up. It is enough to reconsider your lifestyle and use the above tips.

Among the causes of high blood pressure in the morning, the following factors stand out:

  • overeating before bedtime;
  • uncomfortable posture during sleep;
  • caffeine abuse;
  • malnutrition (in particular, the abuse of salty foods);
  • smoking/alcohol;
  • passive way of life;
  • constant state of stress (chronic stress);
  • jumps in atmospheric pressure;
  • disturbed hormones;
  • the use of certain medications.

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High blood pressure in the morning after sleep is most often a pathology.

That is, the causes of high blood pressure in the morning are quite diverse and may depend not only on lifestyle, but also on age characteristics. Pressure in the morning can be caused by the constant and regular consumption of foods rich in salt, which predisposes to the narrowing of blood vessels, respectively, an increase in pressure. Or eating a lot of heavy food before bedtime can also lead to high blood pressure in the morning.

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Blood pressure (BP) usually changes against the background of certain conditions. When a person is at rest and sleeping, lower values ​​are recorded. In the morning, on the contrary, there is an increase in blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure in Men

In men, high blood pressure can occur both in the morning and in the evening. This phenomenon is inherent in the emotional representatives of the stronger sex, who lead an active way of life. In such people, the risks of developing hypertension, myocardial infarction or stroke significantly increase.

The occurrence of hypertension is largely dependent on the patient’s diet. If you eat only junk food and other junk food, which contains excess fat and, accordingly, cholesterol, then soon this approach to nutrition can turn into serious health problems. And first of all, the cardiovascular system suffers from this.

Additional causes of high blood pressure in the morning include tobacco smoking and alcohol. Men who have nicotine addiction may notice the following symptoms:

  • fatigue;
  • frequent headaches;
  • increase in pressure indicators;
  • weakness.

If smoking is combined with regular consumption of alcoholic beverages, then the symptoms listed above become more pronounced. At the same time, it does not even make sense to talk about why there is increased pressure in the morning after sleep.

In addition to the reasons described above, why in the morning high blood pressure, in women, an increase in the indicator can also be caused by such factors as:

  • Hypertension.
  • The use of hormonal contraceptives.
  • Violations of the genitourinary organs.
  • The onset of menopause.
  • Bearing a child.
  • Menses.

In the male half of humanity, pressure in the mornings rises most often due to the fact that they are more than women passionate about bad habits, malnutrition, excessive stress.

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A man, like a woman in the morning, may have high blood pressure

Among the already listed risk factors for high blood pressure in the morning, men are most often found to have malnutrition, a hectic lifestyle, and bad habits. It is men who are more often in constant stress due to work, consume large quantities of alcohol and smoke a certain amount of cigarettes per day, or eat whatever comes to hand, but such food cannot be called useful. Therefore, men who have any of these habits are at risk for people who may suffer from high blood pressure after sleep.

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In case of significant increases and poor health, it is better to consult a doctor

Causes of high blood pressure in women and men

Women may face such a problem due to high psycho-emotional stress and frequent stress. Morning increase Blood pressure sometimes happens on the background of diseases of the genitourinary system, which are accompanied by the problem of removing excess fluid from the body. Its excessive concentration in the tissues may be the reason why the pressure rises in the morning.

Taking some contraceptives can lead to an increase in estrogen levels. As a result of its excess, blood pressure can rise. Moreover, this phenomenon is observed mainly in the morning.

Hypertension cannot be excluded from the triggering factors. This disease is usually caused by a violation of the tone of the blood vessels. Against the background of a decrease in clearance, blood flow is impeded in them.

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Women often suffer from high blood pressure in the morning after sleep due to the unstable emotional state that causes jumps in blood pressure. That is, constant experiences and worries can lead precisely to hypertension. This is especially true in cases where stress is associated with neurotic disorders. To protect your body, you need to learn how to relax and avoid any stressful situations.

Taking certain oral contraceptives can cause increased pressure in women as a side effect. In addition, in the female body, hormonal changes and malfunctions, menopause occur with age, as a result of which high-pressure symptoms can appear, especially in the morning.

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