False positive test for hepatitis C during pregnancy, its causes and how to avoid

Hepatitis C is a dangerous disease. It is very important to carry out timely diagnosis and treatment in order to prevent the development of consequences. In many cases, this disease is asymptomatic. Therefore, during pregnancy, it will be necessary to pass tests for markers of hepatitis C.

In some cases, a false positive test for hepatitis C during pregnancy is possible. There are reasons for this, which can be avoided in order to obtain a reliable result.

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Types of diagnostics

Diagnosis of blood during pregnancy to determine the carriage of hcv is carried out in the first trimester, after the woman is registered, and in the third trimester, after 30 weeks, during the passage of the maternity leave commission. Blood sampling is done in the morning on an empty stomach.

If a diagnosis is prescribed using an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, it is possible to determine not only the presence of the virus itself in the blood, but also the presence of antibodies to the pathogen.

It is important to know if a woman becomes pregnant what to do, since the effect is negative on the body of the pregnant woman and the child. The main tests during pregnancy for hepatitis C can be:

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  • ultrasound examination of the liver,
  • determination of biochemical parameters of the liver,
  • ultrasound examination of the abdominal organs,
  • general analysis of blood fluid,
  • polymerase chain reaction method,
  • fibrotest,
  • analysis for markers of hepatitis.

The need for analysis during pregnancy

A blood test for hepatitis during pregnancy is very important for both the pregnant woman and the unborn child. This type of hepatitis carries a great danger:

  • for a pregnant woman there is an increased risk of malignancy of the pathological process in the liver, therefore, an analysis should be made in a timely manner during pregnancy for the presence of the pathogen itself and for antibodies to hepatitis,
  • if the disease is not detected in time, there is a high risk of violations in the circulatory system for the unborn child,
  • if a woman becomes pregnant and infection occurs in the early stages, there is a high risk of death of the child or premature birth.

If suddenly the studies that pregnant women take have shown a false result, the specialist usually prescribes additional tests. Additional research is a mandatory process during the survey.

Reasons for a false positive test in pregnant women

The reasons for a false positive result often lie in the changes in the body that invariably accompany the period of pregnancy. The main reasons for erroneous results during pregnancy are:

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  • an increase in cytokines in the body,
  • dramatic changes in the hormonal background,
  • tumor-like processes in the body,
  • exacerbation of autoimmune diseases,
  • changes in the mineral composition of the blood fluid,
  • metabolic disorders
  • infectious processes,
  • flu, colds,
  • recently vaccinated
  • the use of immunostimulants,
  • exacerbation of herpes, arthritis, renal failure, multiple sclerosis,
  • congenital reactions of the immune system.

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Human error

The human factor is also important when diagnosing. In some cases, a false result is possible due to such errors due to human fault:

  • Inexperience of medical personnel who conduct blood sampling and the study itself.
  • Errors in filling out the results form.
  • Accidental confusion with test tubes.
  • The negative effect of high temperature on the test material or changes, storage or transportation in inappropriate temperature conditions.

To prevent the listed errors, medical personnel must be careful not only during the collection of the test material, but also during transportation and storage, when filling out papers.

To begin with, a person who is going to take a blood test for hepatitis C must be healthy, colds should not be present, exacerbations of inflammatory or infectious processes are also excluded. Otherwise, the result may be unreliable, you will have to repeat the examination.

The general rules for passing the analysis for the reliability of the result include:

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  • Within two weeks after suffering a cold, you do not need to donate blood, otherwise the result may be false positive.
  • Additionally, you can donate blood for the presence of DNA and RNA viruses. Such surveys are carried out on a paid basis.
  • It is recommended to take the analysis not in one laboratory, but in several. You should also pay attention to what kind of feedback on the work of these institutions.
  • In the presence of chronic diseases in remission, chronic allergic reactions, the patient must inform his doctor about them. Also, the doctor should be aware of whether any medications are currently being taken, regardless of their purpose.
  • The sampling of the test material is necessarily carried out on an empty stomach.
  • Personnel should only draw blood under sterile conditions.
  • The day before the expected delivery of the analysis, alcoholic beverages, salty, spicy, smoked, fatty foods should be excluded.
  • During the day, smoking and taking any medications should be excluded.
  • During the day, you need to limit the consumption of bright foods, vegetables and fruits.
  • You can not undergo X-rays, ultrasound examination per day.
  • Women should not be tested during menstrual bleeding.
  • It will be necessary to do a second analysis for the result to be reliable.

If the test is false positive, you don’t need to panic. An additional, thorough examination will be required, with the help of which it will be possible to confirm or exclude the presence of a virus in the blood. Correctly carried out preparation makes it possible to exclude the receipt of a false positive result to the maximum. This examination during pregnancy is very important and should not be ignored.

Tatyana Jakowenko

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