Express blood test (biochemical), rapid biochemistry tests

All tests for the diagnosis of syphilis are usually called the Wasserman reaction.

These abbreviations, meaningless to the patient, have a number of differences, not only in literal expression.

RSKt – this is the same Wasserman reaction that you heard about.

Over time, it has lost its relevance and is not a popular test for the detection of syphilis and is performed longer than other methods.

RIBT can be called the most used test among all existing ones. These tests can detect syphilis infection with almost 100% certainty.

But this imposes a number of limitations on the test – tests cannot be carried out at the early stages of a possible syphilis infection.

It takes a long time to wait for the RIBT test, and this can take up to three months after a possible infection.

RIF analyzes can diagnose syphilis at an early stage. Unlike RIBT, RIF can be used within a month and a half after a possible infection.

Along with the speed of diagnosis, its accuracy is also lost.

This rapid diagnosis of syphilis increases the possibility of obtaining a false-positive result.

ELISA is another “quick” test that can be carried out even up to a month after infection. Despite this, the correct syphilitic reaction using ELISA is determined quite accurately.

It is a common misconception that in the case of having sex with one partner, testing for syphilis is not necessary.

The following are cases where analysis for syphilis is required:

  • pregnant women for admission to the hospital;
  • to donors;
  • children born to women with syphilis;
  • in case of surgical intervention;
  • catering workers.

In addition to the above cases, the doctor prescribes tests for syphilis in patients with symptoms of the disease.

Patients, presumably patients with syphilis, are interested in the question: how long is the analysis for syphilis done? The answer to this question depends on several factors.

Quick methods give a preliminary blood test the very next day. Such an express method is not able to give a qualitative analysis.

In addition, the medical institution in which this laboratory measure is performed may affect the analysis time.

There is a dependency both on workload and on the internal organization of the institution. Therefore, it is necessary to specify how many days the analysis is done directly with your doctor.

In general, we can say that the time of analysis for syphilis depends on its complexity. The initial analysis does not take more than a few days. But the risk of error is quite large.

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Microreaction tests last twice as long and last up to five days. An even more accurate infection-based analysis can take a whole week.

A good answer to this question is the example of women who are preparing for the birth of a child.

During the entire period of pregnancy, women take a test for syphilis three times. Analyzes made during registration are no longer valid in the period before delivery.

This is associated with the risk of obtaining a false-positive result and the need to diagnose a possible illness of the child at an early stage.

In addition, no one can guarantee infection the day after the analysis.

Therefore, the analysis is valid exactly until the moment when it becomes necessary to do a second study.

As for the category of people who do syphilis analysis for professional activities (cooks, sellers and other specialties that are related to nutrition), the results are valid for a year.

Where can I get an HIV test?

HIV analysis is done in any clinic, but for a fee. A number of institutions hold rallies on AIDS Day, December 1, offering discounts or canceling fees altogether. But delaying is not recommended, it is better to pay and know the truth tomorrow.

HIV tests can be done for free, in many cities there are special centers created for more effective control of the disease. How to donate blood for HIV is best – consult your doctor, because at each stage, different methods work differently. Depending on the chosen screening method, you can choose the best laboratory.

It’s not difficult to take an AIDS test in the capital, and there are many options to do it inexpensively. A free test helps the poor to take care of their health and timely detect positive HIV status and prevent the spread of the “th century plague”. To begin with, it makes sense to contact the office of the MHC AIDS.

Report the answer the next day. In free clinics, waiting can take longer. Modern technology allows you to conduct a quick test and find out the answer after 15 minutes.

HIV testing requires speed. Therefore, rapid tests are created. A test is done at home, independently, which is convenient. Minus – the accuracy of determination is low, especially at the initial stage.

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An analysis of HIV infection is more reliable in the laboratory using venous blood.

Preparing and conducting a blood sampling for HIV

Blood for HIV is taken from a vein. The procedure is quite simple, differs little from blood sampling for other purposes. Do not burden employees and ask where they get blood for HIV – read in advance.

Blood donation for HIV is ideal in the morning, but more important is pre-starvation. Blood for HIV on an empty stomach is donated or not – this is the most common question, and the answer is only on an empty stomach. If for medical reasons you can’t starve, then the last meal should be as light a snack as possible, preferably products of plant origin.

HIV ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) is the most common study option, and the most affordable. It is he who is made in the first place. Based on the characteristics of the interaction of the blood of the test with the protein of the virus. If antibodies are produced, then the virus is present in the blood. The connection of blood with protein is carried out in several approaches. The accuracy is 98%, so the likelihood of a false result is still present.

Make in any laboratory.

A more advanced method, the accuracy increases to 99,7%. The bottom line is, the viral protein is first separated by electrophoresis. It’s more expensive, but worth it, because it causes more trust.

It is necessary to prepare for analysis for syphilis in at least two days.

  1. First of all, this is due to the ban on drinking alcohol before donating blood. Traces of alcohol remain in the blood for up to several days, and this adversely affects the accuracy of the analysis.
  2. The next important point of preparation is the elimination of the use of fatty foods. This factor can cause a false positive result.
  3. It is necessary to donate blood for syphilis on an empty stomach, and this means (under ideal conditions) the exclusion of any food 6-8 hours before the procedure.

Explanation of results

Interpret the data obtained only by a qualified specialist. But you can open the veil of secrecy, because donating blood for HIV is a responsible matter.

When ELISA look at p24 antigens and antibodies to HIV 1/2: in HIV-negative they are absent. If they are identified, the status is positive.

Immune blotting involves the detection of indicator proteins of the gp160, gp120, gp41 virus: they are not found in healthy ones.

AIDS tests are done using a variety of methods and each has advantages and disadvantages. Identify viral DNA or RNA using PCR. The bottom line is that the nucleic acid molecules, RNA or DNA, are completing themselves in the laboratory, which allows them to be studied. In the biomaterial of a patient or potential carrier, small fragments of the genetic material of viral particles are found. The polymerase chain reaction gives a complete picture and a diagnosis is made at an early stage.

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As an initial stage, an ELISA is carried out, the second stage of PCR. The scheme may be different if the period is very early. How long an HIV test is done should be clarified in the laboratory, usually 2-3 days, sometimes a week. A negative result means that the virus has not been detected, and a positive one indicates its presence. False positive analysis happens in pregnant women, also with hormonal disruptions, with reduced immunity.

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