Easter prayers for health and wealth

“I call upon the seven winds. Seven matchmakers are summoned. Come, come, bring me, a servant of God (name) of the betrothed. I call, I call, I open all the roads. He will love me, walk around me in circles. He will trample the earth, not notice anyone around, he will not know other girls. We will live together with him, have mercy on each other and love. Give birth to children, create a family. May it be so!”

Conspiracies for Easter

Rite on the grooms

Hold a handful of wheat on your chest during Easter service. Returning from the church, sprinkle grain at your doorstep with the words:
How many candles were in the church from the candles
so many suitors to me.
How many grains in a handful, so many suitors to me.
Key. Castle. Tongue.

Easter conspiracy on grooms

For Easter, kiss nine colored eggs and say a love plot:
How people love Holy Easter,
appreciate and remember mother’s affection,
So would me and men and boys
loved stronger than stronger, valued more than better.
Herds follow me. God’s servant (name), walked.
Christ is risen, and the grooms come to me.
In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Plot of spoilage

On Easter, bring prosphora from the church. On her, almost touching her lips, start a conspiracy.
After reading this prosphora, burn: all the negative will go into it, and the damage will pass.
‘Be our holy mansion, blessed, Every hole, every crack, With doors, with windows, with trim logs, Around our mansion a stone fence with green tyn. Who fenced this fence – the Angels of the Lord. They will speak the servant of God (name) from corruption. From a great disaster, from a tombstone, from a grave ground. Neither the first person nor the last will spoil it, Neither on the church, nor on its fence, nor on the icon. Neither on the candle, nor on the needle, nor near the cemetery. Amen.

On Easter morning, at dawn, read the next plot. Before that, read 3 times “Our Father”.
The text of the plot itself:
“In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. As people rejoice in an honest bright holiday, how the bells ring in the morning, there let them rejoice at me. In my wallet, they have both a house and a shelter. Just as on Easter they do not let the poor starve to death, as they are given alms, so you, Lord, give me, the servant of God (name), prosperity in the house. Neither horse nor foot sow can be interrupted. Amen.”

Before Easter, on Saturday, before sunset, take 5 p. and say them:
“In the name of father and son and holy spirit. Money to money, a penny to a penny. As people wait for Easter, as they go to the temple of God, so would my servant of God (name) money go to the river. All holy yearlings, all with me. Amen”

Carry a coin all year in your wallet

From quarrels with loved ones

For this, on the third day after Easter, a special conspiracy is read twelve times in a row.
Lord, help, Lord, bless the blessed Easter,
Clean days, joyful tears.
In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.
John the Baptist, John the Evangelist, John the Baptist,
Long-suffering John, headless John,
Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, George the Victorious,
Nicholas the Wonderworker, Barbara the Great Martyr,
Faith, Hope, Love and their mother Sofia,
Pray for the common path of God’s servants (names of the warring).
Take away their anger, tame their anger, quench their rage.
His holy father,
By force of an invincible, indomitable lead them to agreement.
In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Now and ever and forever and ever. Amen.

Be sure to say this plot for Easter cake when you cut it. There should be exactly as many pieces as there are people at the table. Make sure everyone ate his own piece of Easter cake.


On Easter morning, wipe off with a towel and say:
‘Christ is risen!
And I am the whole world the sun is red.
Sweet honey, salt,
The most praised! ‘.

Spread a towel on the table, eat Easter and a painted egg over it. The day after Easter, take this towel to work and wipe it with your workplace.

Annual from ailments and spoilage.

Say a prayer for Easter cake and take it to church to sanctify, on the eve of the Holy Resurrection of Christ. After the all-night service, with the first exclamations “Christ is risen”, answer: “God has risen and saved me” After breaking off and eating a small piece of Easter cake. Eat the rest with the whole family for a festive meal.

Prayer for Easter cake, read three times:
“In the name of the cause of the right, victorious, my strong word! There is an island on the sea-okiyan small, and on that small island the city is white-stone. In the city of that white stone the street of people of different, Christian, is full. All rush to the all-night service in the church of God. As all the people in a hurry to the church, so I hurry. Oh you, Lord, have mercy! As the week of Great Lent passes, so it would be for me to be under your protection for the whole year to be protected: from corruption and evil eye and body infection. My word

For human invulnerability
Bless me guardian angel
My deeds, my words, my body is white.
The Lord God bless me
My guardian angel protects.
The wound is not to the body, danger is not to the point.
Blood is not to the flesh, tears are not to the eyes.
A scabbard for enemy swords.
My word is locked. The key to the castle in the river.
In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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Charm from ruin

Talk water and pour it from head to toe before Easter
Gather four powers, find the four royal tombs.
How rich they were during their lives, how they had a lot of silver and gold, so that I had a lot of good, full of gold and silver. And you, poverty and misery, devastation and bad luck,
Go to the combustible fire, to hell, boiling tar.
Burn you there and decay.

It is believed that if you pick up spring water on Easter night and silently bring it home, then it will become magical. Young girls who want to get married need to wash themselves with such water (in the worst case, holy water) on Easter morning with a conspiracy: “Sunday of Christ! Send me a single groom, a good groom, in boots and with galoshes, not on a cow, but on a horse. Amen”.

It was believed that after this, within a year, the girl would definitely meet a young man with whom she would connect her fate.

The eggs are eaten the next day, but money cannot be spent until Easter week passes.

Gather a thin white peel from a birch, brew at three in the morning and add three pinches there: wood ash, salt and eggshell eggs cooked for Easter. Read the conspiracy over all this, and afterwards let the patient drink.
“Like on Bright Sunday, on Easter,
Jesus Christ rose from the dead
so the servant of God (name) is granted
healing and getting rid of the disease.

Sprinkle the child with the spoken voditsa, which you collect on Holy Week:

“A child’s body, an angelic soul, before the Savior is innocent, and innocent in suffering. Cleanse and get stronger. Amen. “

Tie a bare belly with a towel, on which Easter cakes were holy, and say:
“A servant of God (name), mother gave birth to you,
the tumor twisted you, and I treated you.
Rotten, interior, sickly,
sticky, wet, dry, purulent, combustible.
Go swelling, from the stomach, from the inside,
from veins, from skin, from blood, from the whole skeleton,
go out into the open field where there is emptiness.
There is your place, ma’a
there you have a rookery, a tumor.
There to be you
between dry herbs live.
Do not May the body is white slaves of God (name).
In the name of God Christ
I drive you swelling
I tell you, Maya, I speak:
leave you a servant of God (name).
In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.
It is now and forever and ever.
Amen. “

Speak spinal hernia

To do this, melt the incense bought on the third day after Easter in a cup. When it boils, put 12 church candles in it and read such a plot:

“There are three daughters of the ringer, three sons of the sexton.
Daughters of the ringer of the slave of God (name)
In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Now and forever and ever. Amen. “

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Easter Prayer

In prayer, we spend a third of our lives. Without prayers, not a single Liturgy is held in temples. From time immemorial, Easter days were considered special, the most blessed, ideal for a conversation with God. Most of these prayers are recited between the Vespers and Matins. These moments, when one service has already ended, and the next one has not yet begun to read, is considered the most effective time for petitions.

In prayer to the Savior they ask for those blessings that are vital for a person at this moment of life. Whatever you ask for, you need to remember the most important. After asking, you need to remember thanksgiving.

Give thanks to the Almighty whenever you receive His mercy. Prayers of thanks are equally important. The Savior hears them and gives at times more than you require.

One can read such an appeal to the Almighty. It also has incredible power. Gives the believer a feeling of joy, tranquility. Only believing in our Lord can you feel confident and comfortable.

Prayer of Mary of Egypt before Easter

Mary of Egypt spent her entire conscious life, after accepting Christ, in renouncing the world. Being in constant prayer, she could hang in the air, walk on water. Her faith was so strong that many saw the halo glow around her body.

On the eve of Easter, monks and strongly believing people went into seclusion for all 40 days of Lent. Mary these days offered special prayers to heaven. Therefore, many believers with special trepidation repeat their word for word. They tell her about the secret, pray for help and intercession before the Almighty.

If you go to the temple for prayer, keep calm and clear your mind. Light candles at the holy faces. Get rid of pressing issues, focus on the pressing issue. Pray in a whisper, you don’t need everyone to hear. Prayer is offered only for the Almighty, and believe him, he can even hear your thoughts.

If you pray at home. Set a few candles, preferably three. Prayers are read in complete silence, without haste. Speak clearly, do not swallow words and endings. Be sincere. Easter is the time when you need to be honest first of all with yourself. The Lord sees the soul of each of us, cunning is not appropriate here. Repays to everyone according to his prayer, thoughts.

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Be pure in heart, soul, faith. Christ is risen!

Easter prayer for marriage

Girls who want to find their happiness, on the eve of Easter, need to read special prayers. They contribute in the near future to find love, become a bride, and then a wife. Holy Scripture tells us that a woman should not be alone, she needs a strong shoulder. The Holy Abode of the Lord admonishes girls with special prayers.

The church reminds us that the Lord is where there are two. The family is just two. And two are the church of the Lord. That is why the family is often compared to the small Lord’s church.

On the eve of Easter, unmarried girls should go to the service. Confession and communion is obligatory. After this, you can pray to the Almighty for the gift of a miracle.

Easter prayer for health

Easter prayers for health and wealth can be read not only during the celebration of the holiday. As a rule, they are pronounced on the night when the solemn liturgy is held.

According to the scripture, it is not important to pronounce the learned words, it is important that the speaker puts their whole soul into them. A person should not believe in a miracle, but in the fact that God will surely hear his prayer and help solve earthly problems.

Please note: Regardless of which saint a person will turn to, he must understand that he will be saved and completely cleansed of the soul.

It is not necessary to read the holy words in the temple. God hears the asker everywhere, therefore – it does not have to be God’s house. Before reading the prayer, it is imperative that you clear your soul of evil thoughts and light candles purchased in the Church Shop.

Prayer should be pronounced in the red corner where the icons are installed. Better if it is an icon of the Savior. This will help to properly adjust the soul to the desired mood.

The eve of Easter, and Easter night itself is the best time for a tearful petition for the health of the whole family. The prayer address is read with the beginning of the evening service, all Sunday. Quite an effective way to start a prayer for a self-baked Easter. After, it must be dedicated. During the reading, they burn the candle that was lit in the temple during the consecration of the Easter basket.

At breakfast, pieces of Easter are distributed to all family members. It must be eaten completely, without leaving even crumbs.

Holy Week is all special. Each day is full of passion, anticipation. This week, prayers are incredible. Therefore, you need to ask for help, grace, financial well-being at this time. Prayer can be directed not only to Jesus. You can appeal to the Virgin, saints, martyrs.

Pure thoughts, an open heart, faith in help, this is the most important for prayer conversion.

Such a concept as wealth is not recognized by the church. For her, this is an obscene desire, which is tantamount to lust. Both sin. But you can ask for help in work, trade, any business that can bring financial benefits, improve the financial situation in the family.

This conspiracy is read so that the family has a stable income and material well-being all year round. To do this, it is on Easter Day that a conspiracy on wealth and well-being in the family is read on sacred colored eggs. And then they treat them to the whole family.

“The red spring has come, brought the good news. Jesus Christ is risen! Bell ringing to heaven. The sun is shining clear in the sky, inviting a red spring. I, the servant of God (name), will go out into the open field, and will worship the clear sun. You, the bright sunshine, bring spring and red to us. It will be full and full of bins in our bins, there is food and wine on the table, silver and gold in the wallet, my family is friendly and rich! May it be so! Amen”.

“Oh, you goy, Holy Savior, guardian family! Come to the rescue, help my family! Drive away all ailments, save your health! Fight off bad luck, failure and doubt. Drive melancholy, illnesses and sorrows to distant distances. Stupidity, stupidity, lightheadedness – all drive into the dark. All illnesses and tribulations let go out of the gate. Call health and luck, indicate love and happiness in my house, indicate the road. My house is filled with bright light and warmth! Verily. May it be so!”

Easter prayer for all diseases

The prayer “Threefold” is considered the strongest. She is the only one who can resist all misfortunes, diseases. They read it for various diseases and infirmities. You can pray for yourself, family, close people.

If a disease has come to your home and it is impossible to get rid of it, you need to read a saving prayer. Three readings of which, on the eve of Easter, relieves of many ailments. This prayer is a healer of body and soul.

Important! It should be read after the beginning of the evening service of Holy Saturday and until that moment until they start to sound the bells.

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