Causes and methods of treating blood in semen

This phenomenon has a medical name – hemospermia. It can manifest itself in different ways: with bright drops of blood, a change in the general color of sperm in pink, scarlet or brown, a clot may clot. It depends on the cause of the development of pathology.

Most often, the appearance of sperm with blood is noted in guys suffering from diseases of the genitourinary system, but sometimes it appears in healthy people. There are many factors provoking the appearance of a seed with blood; they can be external and internal. Only a specialist can identify them after conducting laboratory tests, collecting an anamnesis and conducting an external examination of the patient.

When ejaculating with blood, the liquid can have various shades. So, a smooth pink color is observed when:

  • diseases of the urethra;
  • tumor development;
  • infectious diseases.

Dark red, brown sperm will tell about inflammation in the testes, its appendages, ducts, vesicles or prostate. Bright scarlet swelling and droplets of blood indicate that the blood entered the biological material directly in the urethra. This happens with injuries (stroke, bruise) or active inflammation.

There are less harmless reasons. So, if blood is observed immediately after sexual intercourse in semen, this may be a sign of menstrual bleeding that began in the girl. In this case, the alarm is false and you should not panic.

The presence of blood in semen may indicate that pathological changes occur in the body or pathologies occur in the organs of the reproductive system.

For a complete diagnosis, it should be understood that the formation of blood streaks in the seminal fluid does not mean anything. It is safe to say about the problem state if some additional causes are added to the blood clots:

  • acute pain during ejaculation;
  • increasing throbbing pain during urination;
  • blood in urine and semen simultaneously;
  • acute pain in the groin or lower back;
  • acute pain in the pubic region and lower abdomen;
  • problems with potency and erectile function.

If no steps are taken to treat pathological changes, serious consequences and complications should be expected. A pink hue of seminal fluid can indicate vesicular cystosis, as well as inflammation of the chronic prostate gland and pelvic organs that are located around this gland. The causes of most diseases can be the formation of clots not only in the seed, but also in the urine.

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  • acute pain during urination;
  • problems with erectile function;
  • the presence of chronic hematuria.

If there are clots or streaks of blood in the semen, the reasons for this may be urethritis, orchitis, epidemiitis in various forms. These diseases can be said with confidence in the presence of pain in the inflamed area and problems with potency, problems with well-being and a rapid increase in body temperature.

Together with the detected blood in semen, treatment should be taken care of simultaneously with the diagnosis. It is worthwhile to understand that for a properly prescribed treatment, it is necessary to determine the main causes of hemospermia, since the bloody impurity in the seminal fluid itself is not treated.

Therapy will be prescribed exclusively after the diagnosis of a certain ailment, the symptoms of which should be cured. Treatment is not necessary if the admixture was detected only once.

Sperm with blood in men

When blood with sperm is released from the penis at the time of ejaculation, doctors talk about such a violation as hemospermia (hematospermia). The volume of blood can vary: from a few drops, inclusions to obvious blood impurities that completely change the color of the ejaculate. In some cases, sperm becomes red-brown.

The amount of blood in a man’s sperm is different and depends on the nature of the bleeding. If a single case has occurred, and a small amount of blood impurity has come out with sperm, do not worry, because the reasons can be different, including active sexual life or, on the contrary, prolonged abstinence. But if the blood leaves the penis after almost every sexual intercourse, it is necessary to pay attention to the accompanying symptoms that signal a real problem.

The following manifestations should cause concern:

  • pain during ejaculation, especially in the groin or testicles;
  • blood in the urine;
  • frequent and painful urination;
  • a slight increase in temperature;
  • swelling of the scrotum;
  • decreased sensations during intercourse.

Even with one symptom present, it is likely that the pathology is inflammatory in nature and an immediate appeal to the urologist is required to identify the real causes and further qualified treatment.

Why does blood appear in the seminal fluid of men once, doctors still do not know. This phenomenon occurs in many circumstances, since the testis passes along many veins and capillaries. But if there is a systematic allocation of blood blotches in semen, this indicates the following reasons:

  • inflammation of the seminal vesicles – vesiculitis (methods for treating vesiculitis disease in men are described in the article . );
  • inflammation of the prostate gland (prostatitis);
  • genital infections (herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea and trichomoniasis);
  • benign and malignant tumors of the prostate (adenoma or cyst);
  • neoplasia
  • internal varicose veins;
  • persistent hypertension.

In addition to the listed reasons, the presence of blood in semen may be due to an injury performed on the eve of a biopsy or other surgical intervention. With the correct diagnosis, the disease can be treated and quickly eliminated the symptom. The main rule is to find the cause of the manifestation of blood impurities in the sperm of a man.

Causes of hemospermia

Hemospermia has several types. So, it is divided into: primary, secondary, true and false. The primary nature of the pathology occurs in the presence of serious diseases that make up the urinary and reproductive systems. The secondary reason is the response of the internal organs to the manipulations, examinations, surgical interventions performed the day before.

The main reasons for the appearance of semen in blood include:

  • inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs;
  • urinary and reproductive infections;
  • urethral dysfunction;
  • calculi (stones) in the kidneys, bladder;
  • groin injuries resulting in internal bleeding and organ integrity;
  • polyps in the components of the reproductive system;
  • liver disease;
  • tuberculosis;
  • chronic adenoma or prostatitis.

These are the most popular causes of blood in the ejaculate. But urology knows examples of isolated cases when “bloody ejaculation” appeared under the influence of unusual factors and pathologies of systems not related to the groin area.

All these phenomena belong to true hemospermia, i.e. the state when the staining of seminal fluid in red tones was carried out precisely by red blood cells that got into their circulatory system.

False nature of the phenomenon is provoked by food or other edible, and sometimes inedible objects. So, most often a man can end up with a red seed after eating beets at dinner or drinking red wine, pomegranate juice, and tomatoes.

To prevent hemospermia, it is recommended to avoid causes that are highly likely to lead to this disorder. When playing sports or performing work associated with high injuries, you must wear appropriate clothing and use special equipment. It is necessary to monitor the health of the genitourinary system, eat right, lead an active lifestyle.

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Hemospermia – Symptoms

Blood clots in semen are usually accompanied by other, no less disturbing symptoms. It:

  • pain: they can observe during sexual intercourse, upon orgasm, during bowel movements, be present constantly;
  • the appearance of blood in the urine (hematuria);
  • burning sensation when visiting the restroom, difficulty urinating, sharp pain;
  • swelling of the scrotum, redness or blueness of its skin;
  • manifestations of infectious diseases: discharge, rash, itching, etc.

General signs of poor health due to inflammation or loss of blood can also be observed. These are jumps in blood pressure, fever, loss of strength, apathy and others.

Small-sized blood clots in semen for some time go unnoticed. Traces of blood in the ejaculate may not be present after each ejaculation.

In order to understand whether there is blood in the semen in a particular case, when collecting an anamnesis, the doctor finds out the following facts:

  • burning sensation during urination;
  • bladder pain;
  • difficulty urinating;
  • pain during ejaculation;
  • swelling and swelling of the scrotum;
  • increased body temperature;
  • increase in blood pressure;
  • symptoms of genital infections (abnormal discharge from the urethra, swelling of the genital organs, pain in the pelvis).

These symptoms are often associated with hemospermia. However, their presence cannot be regarded as a 100% violation. To make a final diagnosis and prescribe treatment, doctors need to conduct more than one examination of the patient. Laboratory data are supported by conducting hardware examinations of patients.

Hemospermia – what to do?

The blood that appears in the seminal fluid is an indication for a comprehensive examination of the reproductive system. Initially, it is necessary to determine the number and nature of the causes that triggered the appearance of blood in semen. The nature of the factor that triggered the deviation directly determines the nature and type of therapy.

Not always a man who has sperm mixed with blood after intercourse is ready to talk about his problem with a doctor. In addition, many males simply do not know which doctor to turn to for help, whom to make an appointment with. The treatment of diseases of the male reproductive system is carried out by an andrologist together with a urologist. These specialists during the prescribed examinations establish the condition of the male reproductive system and urinary organs in the stronger sex.

In order to find out what caused hemospermia in a particular case, the doctor prescribes numerous laboratory and hardware research methods. They are designed to determine for only a possible cause of the pathology, but also the localization of the pathological process, which in some cases is located outside the genitourinary system.

The survey begins with general research:

  • spermogram;
  • Analysis of urine;
  • bacterial culture of urine and ejaculate;
  • urethral swab;
  • Ultrasound of the pelvic organs;
  • coagulogram.

In most cases, these diagnostic methods are enough to establish the reason why blood appears in the ejaculate. If it was definitely not possible to identify the localization of a possible violation in the genitourinary system, computed tomography is prescribed. It allows you to examine in detail the vas deferens, to determine the existing violations.

Hemospermia diseases

Bloody ejaculation most often occurs as a symptom of developing diseases or inflammatory processes in the components of the reproductive system. Additional signs of such diagnoses are discomfort when visiting the restroom, deterioration in the quality of intimate life, pain.

Also, men often complain of ejaculation disorders: inability to finish, small volume of seminal fluid, acute pain with orgasm, etc.

After passing a laboratory examination and detecting blood in a spermogram, the doctor can make the following diagnoses:

  • vesiculitis: this is an inflammatory process in the vesicles of the testes that occurs against the background of chronic prostatitis. It is characterized by pain symptoms, which are aggravated by the emptying of the bladder, impaired erection, and decreased potency. A distinctive symptom of vesiculitis is the appearance of blood in urine and semen;
  • chronic prostatitis: an inflammatory process in the prostate, usually affecting older patients. There are a lot of symptoms of prostatitis, but the main ones are pulling pain in the groin, acute pain during going to the toilet, frequent false desires, erectile dysfunction, weakness;
  • urethritis: inflammation of the urethra. The main signs are constant discharge, often with pus, an unpleasant odor, a general deterioration in well-being, pain during urination, frequent false desires for it;
  • epididymitis: inflammation in the testes, characterized by swelling of the scrotum, the appearance of secretions, fever, loss of strength.

Very often, blood enters the seminal fluid from wounds in the urethra. They are formed by the sharp edges of the calculi, which began to come out of their kidneys or bladder. An equally rare cause is cystic lesions in the urethra.

The danger of these pathologies is that they usually develop without showing any signs. Therefore, it is very difficult to identify them in the early stages, and the appearance of scarlet seminal fluid is the first “bell” of their presence.

Hemospermia – consequences

Identified blood in semen in a man should not be left without the attention of doctors. Such a phenomenon is often only a symptom of a possible pathology. The lack of necessary therapy can subsequently affect the work and condition of the male reproductive system. The most terrible disease accompanied by hemospermia is prostate cancer. Detected blood in semen with prostatitis is the basis for a biopsy.

Among other possible consequences of the appearance of semen in blood:

  • decreased sexual function;
  • lack of erection;
  • pain during intercourse.

Relatively normal in medical practice, there is only a bloody compound after abstinence for a long time. But in most cases, strange drops are still talking about a number of characteristic pathologies:

  • vesiculitis;
  • chronic prostatitis;
  • benign, malignant tumor localized in the prostate gland.

When the victim has found alarming symptoms, you should immediately contact the clinic to eliminate the risks of cancer. According to statistics, about 14% of all clinical cases where there is scarlet blood, occur in malignant lesions of the genital organs. Clots make themselves felt among men who have stepped over a forty-year milestone, but exceptions are possible. There have been cases in medicine where prostate cancer has been found in boys in 18 years.

The difficulty is added by the fact that the disease is extremely difficult to detect in its early stages. People prefer to hush up delicate problems, trying to be treated by reading dubious reviews. But over time, the droplets become more and more, because the tumor develops. Moreover, the oncology of the reproductive organs affects even dogs.

Other causes of hemospermia include:

All of the above are rarely asymptomatic. Often these pathologies are peculiar to:

  • soreness when urinating, ejaculating, orgasm;
  • pain syndrome with localization in the lower back, groin;
  • temperature increase;
  • frequent trips to the toilet;
  • urine with blood;
  • blunting of sensitivity during sexual intercourse;
  • erectile disfunction.

Even if you delay a little with the help, it will quickly turn into a guarantor of the formation of dark sperm, premature ejaculation, fever. On the background of the above, the victim has overall fatigue, a decrease in the limit of efficiency.

Far less often, physicians fix cases when the problem manifests itself after surgery. So, when taking material during a biopsy, you will have to suffer temporary inconveniences for about a week. Answer the question: is it possible to have sex in this state, can only the attending doctor.

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Another infrequently seen provocateur becomes mechanical damage that leads to microtraumas of the urethra. There is a similar because of too rough sexual intercourse, use of sexual toys of inadequate quality. But with this scenario, a lot of blood is not allocated, and the pain goes away after a couple of days.

Do not panic lovers of beets, absorbing root crops in large quantities. On the sperm, this will be reflected in a barely red tint, which many, due to fright, is mistaken for a serious pathology.

Diagnosis of violation ↑

During the first visit, the patient should tell the doctor about the color of his sperm, how often he saw traces of blood in it and how much they were expressed. In addition, the doctor must collect information about concomitant pain symptoms, medical procedures, medicines that the patient has been taking recently.

After the examination, the doctor prescribes a series of studies:

  • Spermogram.
  • Blood tests – general, coagulogram (to determine the level of coagulability), determination of the concentration of prostate-specific antigen (to detect a malignant process).
  • Bacteriological seeding.
  • Transrectal ultrasound of the prostate.
  • Cystoscopy of the urethra.

Who to contact a guy who has finished with blood? The treatment of this pathology is carried out by urologists, andrologists and surgeons. At the reception, the doctor will in detail ask about the accompanying symptoms, the presence of prerequisites for hemospermia in the anamnesis, conduct a visual examination of the genitals.

According to the results of the inspection, the specialist issues a referral to a number of necessary examinations, consultations of narrow specialists.

To establish the cause of hemospermia, the following diagnostic methods are used:

  • general urine and blood tests;
  • biochemical examination for the presence of infectious ailments;
  • cytology and bacterial urine culture;
  • magnetic resonance imaging (if the preliminary diagnosis is oncology);
  • analysis for PSA level (with suspected prostate adenoma);
  • rectal examination of the rectum;
  • spermogram;
  • ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs.

Tactics of treatment

Treatment of hemospermia depends on the cause that triggered its appearance. Inflammation and infectious processes are eliminated with the help of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory non-hormonal drugs. Injuries require surgical intervention, tumors – complex treatment with chemotherapy.

It is also possible to treat pathology using alternative medicine methods, but only after the final diagnosis is established and its exact cause is clarified.

From non-traditional recipes, decoctions of herbs are usually used, which help to stop bleeding, enhance the regenerative properties of cells, and strengthen immunity.

In some cases, physiotherapy is indicated: prostate massage, acupuncture, hirudotherapy, etc.

Complications of pathology

There are a lot of reasons why blood can come out with sperm, and most of them have very serious consequences for a man’s life and health. They can be prevented only by correctly selected therapy with timely medical attention. Otherwise, diseases, the symptom of which is hemospermia, will turn into chronic forms and new, more dangerous stages. The most common complications doctors consider:

  • extinction of reproductive function (termination of sperm maturation);
  • development of malignant tumors;
  • impotence;
  • damage to nearby organs and the emergence of new diseases.

Preventive approach on guard of health

Prevention measures do not include any complex actions. During active games, it is necessary to protect weak parts of the body with special equipment, without waiting for the ball to hit the groin.

It is recommended to contact a urologist at least once a year. This is especially true for older men.

An important point is the regularity of sexual contacts. If the break lasts several days, this is normal, but a six-month abstinence can lead to negative consequences. And also doctors do not recommend frequently changing sexual partners.

As for prostate adenoma, for its prevention it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle and not be in a sitting position for a long time,

Thus, hemospermia is a very alarming symptom, but many members of the stronger sex who have had a chance to encounter it, unfortunately, do not realize the scale of the problem. If a similar pathology has been identified, it is urgent to contact the clinic. This will allow you to understand what triggered the appearance of blood in semen. Often these are serious pathologies that threaten sexual function.

Regardless of whether an unpleasant abnormal symptom of a person with the HIV virus or a relatively healthy guy is found, it is always better to work on prevention than to fight the consequences. Especially since prevention measures are extremely simple.

You should not wait if the ball or other object gets into the groin area during active games. It is more logical to work ahead of the curve, protecting all weak areas of the body with special equipment.

The second item, which helps prevent pain in the testicle, includes a visit to the urologist at least once a year, which is especially important for men of retirement age.

An equally important point is the regular sexual life. Abstinence in a few days is quite a normal break, but pauses for six months or more are a disturbing signal that will significantly reduce the quality of life in the near future. In order to achieve high efficiency, physicians recommend not changing sex partners especially often.

Excellent prevention of adenoma includes following the precepts of an active lifestyle. This concerns those who are obliged to sit in a long sitting position. Such an indirect reason can provoke the appearance of brown particles in the semen. Treat them with folk remedies is not worth it. It is better to immediately make an appointment with a urologist.

The expert will advise an acceptable course of treatment for a delicate disease and help to establish an optimal diet that will not allow a relapse to occur.

It is possible to prevent the development of diseases and pathologies that provoke the appearance of red blood cells in seminal fluid. To do this, you need to carefully consider your own body and its health. It is important to observe personal hygiene (take a shower twice a day, change underwear), cleanliness of sexual life, and in case of doubtful intimate contacts use barrier contraceptives.

It is necessary to strengthen the immune system, eat more vegetables and fruits, natural products, take time for physical activity, spend more time in nature, in the fresh air. It is necessary to regularly undergo preventive examinations and treat all existing diseases on time.

Hemospermia is a dangerous sign of severe pathology. But if, immediately after its appearance, consult a specialist and undergo the prescribed course of treatment, you can avoid serious complications and eliminate the cause of its appearance.

And if you visit a urologist twice a year and take the necessary tests for prevention, you can identify predisposing diseases in the early stages and prevent the appearance of blood after intercourse.

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