Buerger – s disease or thromboangiitis obliterans symptoms and treatment

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Currently, there are no effective treatments for Buerger’s disease. In the early stages of thromboangiitis obliterans, experts recommend conservative treatment associated with:

  • Elimination of the impact on the disease of etiological factors (in particular, smoking cessation);
  • Pain relief;
  • Elimination of vasospasm with ganglion blockers and antispasmodics;
  • Normalization of blood coagulation processes, improvement of its rheological properties;
  • Improving metabolic processes in tissues.

In the absence of a positive effect from conservative therapy, prerequisites for surgical intervention arise. In order to relieve spasm of peripheral arteries, surgeons perform lumbar sympathectomy. In the case of involvement of the upper limb vessels in the pathological process, a breast sympathectomy is performed.

The efficacy of an alternative clinical trial for Burger’s disease, stem cell injection, has not yet been formally confirmed.

The appearance of necrosis and gangrene on the affected limbs is an indication for amputation. According to statistics, approximately 35% of patients with this diagnosis cannot avoid surgical removal of the limbs.

Observing the appearance of symptoms of Buerger’s disease, you should immediately consult a general practitioner. It is difficult to diagnose this pathology, basically the diagnosis is made by excluding other diseases. First of all, the specialist will conduct an external examination and collect a detailed history.

Ultrasound procedure. With this method, vascular circulation disorders are detected.

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Laboratory analyzes and tests. Carried out to exclude autoimmune diseases and diabetes.

Echocardiography. Helps eliminate sources of embolism.

Angiography. Examine the vessels using an x-ray apparatus to detect segmental lesions of the arteries.

After a series of studies, appropriate therapy is prescribed to improve the patient’s condition and eliminate severe complications.

With an early diagnosis and effective therapy, the disease in the first stages can be completely cured.


Therapeutic therapy is carried out on an outpatient basis. However, a complete cure for pathology is very difficult to achieve due to the lack of effective treatment methods.

It is recommended that the patient first quit smoking. Quitting smoking reduces the risk of complications. At the same time, 90% of quitters avoid amputation. Conservative treatment with the use of vasodilator and antithrombotic drugs is prescribed. These drugs should be taken in long courses. Immune manifestations of thromboangiitis obliterans are treated with immunosuppressive therapy.

Conservative treatment is aimed at relieving pain, eliminating spasms of blood vessels, normalizing blood supply, improving metabolic processes in tissues.

If therapy does not give the proper result, then an operation is performed to replace the affected vessels, bypass surgery, stenting. At a late stage of pathology with necrosis of the extremities, surgery is prescribed to amputate the affected area. Amputation of the limbs is caused by chronic pain, multiple ulcers and gangrene. More than a third of patients with Buerger’s disease can not avoid surgical removal of the limbs.

Information provided for informational purposes only. Before applying any recommendations, be sure to consult your doctor. Self-medication can be dangerous to your health.

For the treatment of thromboangiitis obliterans, a complex technique is used, both surgical and therapeutic. This is necessary for one hundred percent gain in the effectiveness of the treatment of this disease.

Drug treatment includes the administration of angiospasmolytic drugs (compliance, nicospan, cinnarizine, vazaprostan); non-steroidal analgesics; agents that improve the rheological parameters of blood (trental, aspirin, chimes) and trophic tissue (B vitamins, actovegin, nicotinic acid, phosphaden, prodectin, dalargin).

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Patients with thromboangiitis obliterans are prescribed training walking, photohemotherapy (UFOK, VLOK), plasmapheresis, hemosorption, hyperbaric oxygenation, and sanatorium treatment.

If conservative therapy is ineffective, the patient must consult a vascular surgeon. Surgical treatment of thromboangiitis obliterans may include:

  • lumbar sympathectomy;
  • bypass surgery of the affected vessels;
  • balloon angioplasty;
  • removal of nerves that are responsible in the body for vasoconstriction;
  • bone trepanation;
  • transplantation with vessels of the greater omentum;
  • with the development of gangrene – amputation of the affected limb.

Treatment of obliterating endarteritis of the vessels of the lower extremities (Buerger’s disease) is a very difficult task. This disease primarily affects the small vessels of the limbs, blocking blood circulation at the level of the arteries of the lower leg and foot. The pathological process consists in inflammation of the vascular wall, development within the connective tissue, which leads to a narrowing of the lumen and subsequent thrombosis.

Arterial circulatory failure leads to conditions that contribute to fatigue in the calf muscles, and then there is excruciating pain in the legs, feet and fingers, intermittent claudication, pain when walking. In the advanced stages, formidable symptoms of severe arterial insufficiency develop – trophic ulcers of the skin of the legs and ischemic gangrene of the fingers, constant excruciating pains. All this ultimately leads to amputation at the level of the lower leg or thigh.

Unhappy young people with obliterating endarteritis hope to receive treatment in the vascular departments, but desperate in the results, they turn to traditional medicine methods, while they do not find healing anywhere. Until now, Russian medicine considers obliterating endarteritis of the vessels of the lower extremities a disease, the prevention and treatment of which cannot be effective. But in the Innovative Vascular Center, they strongly disagree with this. We can treat obliterating endarteritis!

Surgeons of our center have been dealing with the problem of treatment of thromboangiitis obliterans (Vinivarter-Burger disease) since 2007. Attempts to apply standard approaches to vascular surgery are usually ineffective in this category of patients. The refusal of many vascular departments from surgical treatment leads to the fact that these patients often use folk remedies, and when the pain becomes unbearable, they agree to amputations.

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